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    Wake from sleep

    Anyone else having trouble with the SP4 not waking from sleep. I just get an off screen all the time until I hold the power button to reset the device.
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    white border on full screen video

    does anyone else get a white border around video in full screen like say for netflix and youtube?
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    Solved Boot time issues

    Are you booting with the keyboard attached? Try removing they keyboard and booting. I find having the keyboard attached and folded back causes the boot time to be like 3-4 min vs a few seconds.
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    Forum member hands on reviews SP4

    Here is the SP4 i5 in cloud gate for comparison.
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    Problems waking from sleep with new Type Cover

    I too have noticed this. It is much slower with the keyboard folded behind like you said. It is also slightly slower with the keyboard attached vs not attached.
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    Forum member hands on reviews SP4

    Here is a ss of it on the windows 10 mail app. Even worse.
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    New Surface Pen Issues

    Just gave it a spin. Hovering is definitely slower near the edge vs the middle of the screen.
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    Forum member hands on reviews SP4

    I still get odd scaling even in Microsoft Outlook 2016. Here is a picture of it vs an ipad. This email is not the worst one I've seen.
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    Battery Life

    Maybe that's why my battery is draining in 3-4 hours. Just wish edge had extensions for my password manager.
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    Battery Life

    How is everyone's battery life doing on the SP4 i5? Side Question: is google chrome a battery hog still?
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    i5 3dMark Scores

    Ran a skydiver benchmark with default settings. Here is the result.
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    i7 Benchmarks?

    I don't think the SP4 i7s are out until November 20th.
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    Forum member hands on reviews SP4

    I guess I've just been spoiled with the iPad experience. Good to know the fan while downloading is normal. The one 3rd party app that was really bothering me is the kindle one. The App wont open a textbook of mine and the desktop program sucks. I'm installing office 365 with outlook. I'll...
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    First problem encountered

    I haven't observed this. Does it happen on all websites?
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    Question about the new keyboard

    Yes my new Type Cover does have the 2nd magnet so that you can create the non-flat typing angle.
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    Forum member hands on reviews SP4

    Got my SP4 i5 256GB 8GB Ram this morning. I have to say I'm disappointed. This is my first windows tablet experience and first experience with a high pixel density screen with windows. I think the hardware of the SP4 is superb. No complaints there. As the previous poster noted, windows Hello...

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