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    Page not loading after "swiping back"

    Has anybody experienced the same? When I open a page, click a link and afterwards I want to go back to the first page I swipe to the right to go back - the page is a little darker for a few seconds while it is loading, but sometimes it wont stop loading and I have to refresh the page to...
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    Discharged over night

    Noticed something frightening today. Put my Surface to standby (pressing the on/off button for half a sec) like I usually do with 79% battery power left. Today I wanted to turn it on and all I got was the sign that it is completely is that possible? I´m pretty sure that I didn´t...
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    Website not working

    Quick question: Do you have the same problem that some pages are not opening and I have to shut ie11 down with a swipe because nothing is working anymore. E.g.
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    Use of youtube in the background

    I wanted to listen to YouTube (Video of a live concert) in the background while browsing the internet on my Surface2. Funny thing was that when I had YouTube in the Background the Music stops after a few seconds. When I switched back to YouTube the Video started playing again... Why´s that...
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    After one day of use - some minor issues (mostly battery life)

    First of all I want to say “Hi” to all of you! This board is really a great place to learn about the Surface-world and after all the reading over the last year I´ve decided to chip in after I bought my Surface 2 yesterday. I´ve let out the first generation (I´m still impressed I was able to do...

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