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    I think my PRO just overheated.

    On the 2nd time my PRO rebooted after applying today's updates, it displayed a temperature guage on the boot screen and shut itself down. I think my device just over-heated while applying today's updates! That may explain the blue screen immediately after the first reboot. I guess this is a Gen...
  2. J

    Just finished installing latest updates and got my first blue screen of death

    So immediately after reboot, I got my first blue screen. Good #!@(.@!@ job MS! Lol. :p
  3. J

    My color calibration profile for my surface pro.

    I am sharing my display color calibration profile to anyone who is interested. Here is the link to download it. I have created this color profile using ColorMunki Display.
  4. J

    To PRO owners who are stuck on the UEFI settings screen and can't boot. FYI

    I can confirm now that my issue is due to a drive failure. I managed to "tricked" my bricked surface pro into booting into a recovery USB flash drive that I created from my Win 8 desktop. To boot to usb, press and hold the volume down button and release as soon as you see the Surface logo...
  5. J

    My Impressions of the PRO so far

    My impressions of the PRO after almost two weeks as a desktop replacement at work After over 10 years at my current job (I'm a developer), a little tablet has finally replaced my desktop PC as my primary "workstation" :-) Here are my impressions of the PRO so far. Cons, Pros and Wishes...
  6. J

    Resume from Sleep Issue since day 1

    I got my surface pro this past Sunday and right off the bat, I am having issues with it trying to resume from sleep. It is actually pretty embarrassing meeting with clients and trying to get it to wake up!! Sometime when I press the power button, nothing happens. I would click it a dozen times...
  7. J

    How do you activate the OneNote MX radial menu when using the Pro's Stylus?

    I can't seem to find any topic on this and I can't figure this one out. When I use OneNote MX with the stylus, the radial menu gets hidden. How do you activate it using the Stylus? There is a button the Stylus and I tried clicking that hoping it would activate the radial menu but nothing happens.

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