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    Disconnecting wireless in sleep state.

    I believe i read that after four hours of Connected Standby (sleep with connection) it goes to hibernate. But not sure if i get it right.
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    Windows 10 Insider Preview (10074) on the Surface 3

    I had read what you are commenting, so i am waiting for future builds to upgrade my S3.
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    The "Official" I got my Surface 3 thread

    Picked up mine yesterday at a Best Buy (i had pre-ordered it to be sure to get it on day 1, since i would be leaving the USA on may 6th) and i just bought the pen and keyboard at a Microsoft Store in King of Prussia "mini-store". BTW, the guy at the booth was so confused i was on may 5th at...
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    Our Surface 2's future?

    i've been using an S2 for more than a year and i am looking forward for the next generation. it is the perfect combination for me: closed ecosystem (app store ), usable keyboard, kickstand, office and all the stuff we all know and love about RT and Surface hardware (despite having some official...
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    Twitter App - unable to make request

    It is incredible, but i keep getting that message almost every must be me then...but i don't know what to try....
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    Bit Locker Recovery Key

    Well, it seems it was not actually fixed in the last firmware update. Yesterday, after manually restarting my surface because of the pending updates, i was welcomed by the infamous Bitlocker screen and i had to go thru the tedious process again....
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    Twitter App - unable to make request

    Hi all. One of my few disappointments about S2 is the twitter app. It is almost abandoned by Twitter since it was kind of never updated or at least for a long time. Nevertheless the app has the functionality i need, though starting a few weeks ago i usually get the error message "unable to make...
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    How do you highlight in order to copy on surface 2 w/out a mouse?

    Just perform a single short tap in any word (if one circle appears just do it again until the word is selected with two circles). The circles will appear. Is different than in iOS, where in my case i was used to long pressing to start selecting. Then just drag the circles.
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    Hi All. I searched Google and i know that there is no OpenVPN client for RT. However, i know there are some IT people on this forum, so i started this thread to ask if anyone has any workaround to share to connect to an OpenVPN vpn. We use it at our company, and is the only thing i need to fully...
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    [RT] Bad colors on external monitor

    Are you talking about 1st gen devices?. Just in case i use my S2 with my 32'' LCD without problems.
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    repeatedly failed update

    I have the same issue. However, i noticed that the failed dictionary update is version 16.1.625 whereas a previous successful update is version 16.1.627 (11/18/13) that may be the came after that one but it seems to be and older version...pretty strange....
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    Questionable quality control, and my third RMA process.

    When you say Surface are u also saying Win RT as we know it today? ipad was 2010. I am talking about Microsoft before the iphone in 2007 because that was the device that brought this new closed environment (for better or worst). It may be that i saw no evidence that Metro style, Windows...
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    Questionable quality control, and my third RMA process.

    Yes, but to be honest it also i think the ipad deserves credit. First of all, if it wasn't for the ipad, we wouldn't have the Surface and the RT OS (i like modern apps, a unique app store, no partners bloatware, a companion device, long battery life, etc). And the ipad was successful and...
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    Volume level has dropped off

    Oh is incredibly loud. I use my iPhone headphones, and i have to set it much lower indeed, less than 8% when there is no ambient noise. Me too. If i have the headphones plugged in, but i am just using apps, browsing the web, checking facebook, etc i hear the ticks.
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    Questionable quality control, and my third RMA process.

    @chemcat, i mostly think the same way, and i work in IT too. That's why i have my S2 and left the iPad world. I prefer function over form. But, we always ask for more ;) BTW, i forgot to mention, but i too have the loosely volume rocker, though thankfully it doesn't do any sound.
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    Experience from long term Touch cover users

    Hi! This one is for the folks that have had their Surface devices for a long time: Whenever i fold back the touch keyboard, and hold the tablet in my hands having my fingers "heavily" pressing they keys i feel like i will eventually damage they keyboard or they keys. Is it just me that i am not...
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    Touch Cover backlight and battery

    Do any one know if having the touch keyboard's backlight option turned on drain the battery in any significant way? It is not that i am having any issue, just curious and lazy to test it myself :)
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    Questionable quality control, and my third RMA process.

    I totally agree! In tech and in life, specially when talking about our couples ;) When i bought my iPad 2 i had to exchange it because the wifi chip was faulty....sometimes the wifi toggle was greyed out and the only way to enable it was to reboot... Disclaimer: I love my S2 and i wish...
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    Volume level has dropped off

    Ok, i installed the update. No more errors while opening the Sound options in Control Panel and the sound level seems to finally be better.

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