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    Twitter App - unable to make request

    Hi all. One of my few disappointments about S2 is the twitter app. It is almost abandoned by Twitter since it was kind of never updated or at least for a long time. Nevertheless the app has the functionality i need, though starting a few weeks ago i usually get the error message "unable to make...
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    Hi All. I searched Google and i know that there is no OpenVPN client for RT. However, i know there are some IT people on this forum, so i started this thread to ask if anyone has any workaround to share to connect to an OpenVPN vpn. We use it at our company, and is the only thing i need to fully...
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    Experience from long term Touch cover users

    Hi! This one is for the folks that have had their Surface devices for a long time: Whenever i fold back the touch keyboard, and hold the tablet in my hands having my fingers "heavily" pressing they keys i feel like i will eventually damage they keyboard or they keys. Is it just me that i am not...
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    Touch Cover backlight and battery

    Do any one know if having the touch keyboard's backlight option turned on drain the battery in any significant way? It is not that i am having any issue, just curious and lazy to test it myself :)
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    Reliability Monitor

    I was looking at all the options in Windows RT 8.1 control panel and i found an interesting option to share with you. It may have always been there, but i didn't know it. In Action Center, there is a Reliability Monitor, which i found interesting to look at which apps were crashing.
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    sharing on facebook

    I really like the sharing implementation in Windows 8, but i realized that the Facebook app is not an option. Moreover, if i want to share a link by just copy pasting it into the app, it doesn't create a preview. Is it me or the app? Thanks
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    any way to disable People or sync it with exchange?

    Hi, all! My info is synced with an Exchange server, so i have all in the Office's Outlook app. For mail i prefer the desktop app, however for calendar and contacts i like more the native metro apps. Is there any way to sync those apps with my exchange account instead of my hotmail account...
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    It's hot...

    Hi all. I bought my surface a month ago. I hope nothing is wrong since i bought it abroad and i have no way to turn it back in my country. The thing is that today i woke up and when i touched the upper-left back area it was really hot (it was unplugged during the night). So i turned the Surface...
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    Amazing Lockscreen can't auto update lock screen

    Hi all! I have been using Amazing Lock Screen for a while and i am still unable to make it work. The app is for using Bing images in your lock screen. If i open the app, i can download the images and set the last one as the new lock screen image. Moreover, when i open the app, it...
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    Hi all from Argentina

    Hi all! I have just jumped ship. I was an ipad user and now a happy S2 owner. I have been wanting to have it since Surface RT "1", but to be honest the moment i saw it in a store i thought it was not my time so i kept my ipad. And i always wanted the RT version, since i have no problem at all in...

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