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  1. ChemCat

    Question for you guys

    A little background. I am an engineer that has a background in app development. Been spending months working on an original software for the windows store. It's meant to make the life of an engineer a lot easier. Well, recently, I've made another version of it. It is identical to the metro...
  2. ChemCat

    I do have 1 gripe about metro UI

    The onscreen keyboard takes up too much damn space of the screen. Almost 2/3 of the screen. Why? Why can't we change the size of the keyboard? Why isn't the control open to the dev? This is the one thing I hate about metro. I've been developing and using an LOB app of my own. It works...
  3. ChemCat

    Need your help

    So... I visited my parents this morning. They both have asus transformers tf700. They saw my surface and both said they wanted what I have. So, I immediately went onto the MS website and they are sold out. Anyone know where I can get a couple of surfaces for 199 right now?
  4. ChemCat

    MS store is selling the rt for 199.00

    And I just bought one. Couldn't pass it up.
  5. ChemCat

    .net framework on windows rt?

    Just a thought. Is there a .net framework version that is compatible for windows rt? Thought I could log into work's server with my new rt device. Requires 3.5 sp1 or later.
  6. ChemCat

    Surface RT for work

    I own an hp envy x2, a windows 8 (now windows 8.1) hybrid. So, recently I switched career from IT to engineering. Got a job at an engineering firm as an engineer. So, long story short, after working on the job for a while, I realized that a lot of the procedures are really archaic. Why...
  7. ChemCat

    Is it me or metro IE freezes and crashes at

    Title says it all. My metro IE keeps freezing and crashing at Is this normal?
  8. ChemCat

    Can winRT people please test my app for me?

    I don't have windows RT device. No idea my app behaves in RT environment. Anyone with RT please try the trial. Thanks. ChemCat app for Windows in the Windows Store
  9. ChemCat

    MS really isn't making it easy for developers sometimes

    First of all, allow me to introduce myself. I'm a structure engineer by day and windows 8 developer by night. Kinda like Bruce vs Batman LOL. I used to develop for android, but have stopped cold turkey there. Why? I got tired of worrying about compatibility over there. There are too many...

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