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    How is the backlight uniformity on the SP3?

    Just curious if the backlight bleed on these is once again prolific.
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    No longer have my Surface Pro 2 and feel depressed

    Long story short, I took a gamble on returning my month-old Surface Pro 2 for another because of defects (piece of dust under the screen, stylus clicking by itself in the corner, and backlight bleeding). I ended up going through two units in the store and both had dust trapped under the screen...
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    Psychotic stylus behavior in corners!

    Just curious if anyone has this issue. On my unit, if you hover the stylus at the very edges of the top or bottom left corner, the pen will begin rapidly tapping by itself despite it having no contact with the panel. I've found that this makes Chrome nearly unusable if you decide to go back a...
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    Is there a way to turn off touch for pen-only input?

    The palm rejection works great, but the problem is that my palm tends to hit the panel before the pen comes into proximity of the sensors. Is there a way to turn off capacitive touch completely, so only the stylus may be used for input?
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    Intel HD 4400 control panel?

    Does anyone know what drivers I can download to access this in order to fix the adaptive brightness issue? I've tried a couple from the Intel site, but none of them want to install.
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    Anyone have a Surface without backlight bleed?

    When is this crap going to end? Every time I buy a device with an IPS screen, I get some kind of ridiculous backlight bleeding. My Surface Pro 2 has obvious bleed at the lower edges. It is definitely going back. Anyone lucky enough to get one with absolutely zero backlight bleed? (No, I...
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    Can you return/exchange an online order at a physical Microsoft store?

    The website specifically notes that you can't, but some people claim you can. Just making sure.

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