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    Windows 10 on SP3 with 4K monitor

    So I have upgraded to Windows 10 today on the SP3 and everything seems to work very well :) However I do have a Dell 4k monitor which is now flickering when I either move a window around or scroll within a window. I can set the monitor to 3840 x 2160 @ 60H but the flickering is annoying. Is...
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    Memory Could not be read

    I keep getting this message on my SP3... anything I can do to fix it? I usually have to restart my SP3 to get it to go away.
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    Waking from sleep mode

    Hi All,Does anyone else have issues with their SP3 waking up from sleep mode?Every morning, after the SP3 has gone into sleep mode overnight, I have to hold down the power button for 10sec to shut the SP3 down and then start it up from scratch again as it just won't wake up normally? I'd this a...
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    Streaming video all jumpy

    Hey all,When trying to stream video from the web on my SP3 full screen the video is all jumpy. Usually when I don't go full screen and keep the window small it is fine... but as soon as I try and go full screen the video does not play smoothly (the sound is fine though). Any ideas on what would...
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    SP3 for games

    Hi all, Will any of the newer games (like World of War craft etc) run well on the SP3? Also what's the latest role playing game? Not a massive game but want something that will pass the time on the SP3 that I can get into :)
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    Second Display - Cursor not moving across displays :(

    So after the Surface Pro 3 running SO well for about a month... I know seem to have all sorts of issues :(The worst being when I have a second display connected via mini display port to mini display port (no dock) the display works however I can't move the cursor over to the second display... If...
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    One note using the most resources, even when closed?

    Any idea why One Note would use the most system resources even when closed and nothing is updating? It's not using a lot but it's still the most in the activity monitor.
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    Best External HDD clone software

    Hey All, Can anyone please recommend a, preferably free, cloning software (similar to Carbon Copy Cloner for the mac) for Windows 8 (running on a Surface Pro 3).I just want something that will look at one external drive and then automatically backup/make changes to another external drive each...
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    4k monitor question

    Hey all,So I read all the posts about connecting the SP# to a 4k monitor and was still somewhat confused... a few said you can't run it, a few said you can...Anyway, Dell had a sale on so I bought the Dell 24'' 4k monitor and have hooked it up via a mini-DP to mini-DP cable (without using the...
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    Will this work?

    Can someone tell me if this will work with the Surface Pro 3? Scaling issues? Thanks!
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    USB speed and possible issues?

    Hey all, What would cause transferring files from my Surface Pro 3 to a USB 3.0 flash drive to transfer extremely slow? I was trying to transfer about 12gig and it was going to take about 3 days!!! Also when I plug my USB 3.0 multi card reader into the USB port the empty drives are recognised...
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    Upload to One Note

    Is there a way to make this faster? Trying to move from Google Drive to One Note for the last two days and only 4% complete!!!
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    "Error copying from packed archive" message...

    Getting an "Error copying file from packed archive" message when trying to install lightroom presets. It says that some destinations are "unwritable", even though I have admin rights? Sorry, how to get this to install? (new to windows).
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    Driver updates

    Is there a way to do a general check to see if any drivers need updating? Or does Windows update handle this?We have an Arc mouse which is working fine however every know and again the scroll using the middle section just stops working and then will start again in a few minutes, sometimes ten...
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    Suggestions for app or program...

    Hey All, I would like to have a presentation on my surface pro 3 which looks like a digital magazine where people can "flick" through the pages. Any advise on the best app or program that will look best on the SP3? preferably full screen :) Cheers, Andrew
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    Email folders (not inbox, but folders) not syncing in Outlook 2013

    I have added my IMAP email accounts to Outlook 2013 (and mail app) and not all of my folders and emails that are stored in folders on the server have synced.Some have, but most haven't. We have our email accounts with Bluehost. They all sync fine on all our other devices. Any idea why or what...
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    Solution needed... already!

    Ok, so I didn't realise that Google doesn't play well with Surface Pro 3's (unless I am missing something?). So here is the thing. Currently we have the following devices: Surface Pro 3's Android Phone Window's Phone Mac Book Pro We want all our calendars, contacts and documents to be...
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    Just picked up new toys...

    An i5/256 and an i7/512 Long night of paying / setting up ahead of me :-)
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    Windows 8.1 forum...

    I know we could probably ask questions in here about Windows 8.1 but is there a specific forum you would suggest for Windows 8.1? Cheers1
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    Specifically... Adobe Lightroom

    Hey All, I am sure this has been asked before and I did search but could only really find a little on the subject (mostly on Photoshop). The Surface Pro 3 comes out in Australia in a few weeks and I am looking to get the i7 / 8gb RAM version but I was wondering if anyone is using it...

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