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  1. J

    Power Cover

    I have it and it does. It adds more battery time to the machine, I've been getting more than 2 hours extra and I'm a heavy video user.
  2. J

    You've got the pOO000WWWEEEER - PowerCover for Surface Pro 1 and 2 coming Mach 19

    I'm just happy it is finally here. I have a lot of remote time and my surface is my favorite device.
  3. J

    Kindle eReader?

    The Kindle app is very good. I use the black background with the white font. It's very easy on the eyes.
  4. J

    Chraging problems

    I had the same problem. I tried every trick that has been posted online. The fix came when I bought a new Microsoft approved charger.
  5. J

    Microsoft’s aggressive tablet strategy might finally pay off

    There is a place for the Chromebook. My wife is a very intelligent woman but she is not tech-savvy. She uses her Chromebook daily and I no longer have to fix her laptop. She even loves how Google knows what ads to send her. More importantly though, because she no longer hates tech, I can buy...
  6. J

    32GB Dell Venue 8 Pro for 249.99 @ Microcenter

    I'm seriously considering getting one. How well does the stylus work compared to the Surface Pro or a Galaxy Note?
  7. J

    do you use your surface as main pc?

    I use my Surface Pro as my primary machine. It's about a 70/30 split. When the power keyboard is available it will go up even more. The smaller screen size doesn't bother me because of the improved hardware and applications over my desktop and old laptop.
  8. J

    swap covers between generations?

    When will the power cover be available?
  9. J

    Just ordered Dell Venue 11 Pro (64GB) for $434!!

    You are talking about the extra weight of a keyboard. It is kind of amazing how we all seem to forget how heavy laptops were just a few year ago. I have an old Dell Inspiron with a 13" screen and 30 gig hard drive. At the time it was as small as I could get but now it feels like a...
  10. J

    use Galaxy Note pen on SP?

    I was just handed an SP1 this morning that someone in engineering wasn't using. I use a Galaxy Note 8 tablet for notes and have a Note 3 for a phone. Both Stylus work perfectly on the SP1. I think an SP2 is in my future now.
  11. J

    Win 8.1 and RT 8.1 Impressions

    8.1 has seriously upgraded the performance of my RT. This will certainly put off my purchase of a new device for a while.
  12. J

    Win 8.1 and RT 8.1 Impressions

    I was directed to the update from the store when I clicked on the new Facebook ap
  13. J

    Who's upgrading from Surface RT to Surface 2?

    I'll upgrade to the Surface 2. This machine has become my primary device in spite of all the tech that I do own.
  14. J

    RT or Pro for requirements

    I haven't had any trouble with my RT handling both large PDF files, I use a 100 page price book daily, or large word documents, often in excess of 200 pages. My RT has completely replaced my large iPad. As a reader of Kindle books I think it is a great replacement in landscape as it compares...
  15. J

    Dell Venue 8-inch Tablet

    I'm still on the fence about an 8" Windows tablet. I too like a small tablet, I have a Samsung Note 8, but I do very little typing on it. Right now I'm posting on my Surface RT with type keyboard.
  16. J

    Article: In defence of the Surface RT

    When I first started using my RT I a few months ago I was more comfortable with the desktop mode but now I find myself hardly using it at all.
  17. J

    Nokia Windows RT tablet

    A pen would a great upgrade. I have a Galaxy Note 8 that I use quite a bit.
  18. J

    How strong is your loyalty!?

    Browser: Google Chrome -on laptop, IE on Surface RT, Firefox on work PC. Rather eclectic I know. I would prefer to stick with just Chrome but it isn't offered on my RT Console: Wii, my autistic daughter loves it so I won't change Phone: HTC 1. A very good phone. I had two different...
  19. J

    Possible Wireless Streaming?

    Strangely enough, I understood that reply. Thanks.
  20. J

    Possible Wireless Streaming?

    Is there any way to wirelessly stream to a TV or monitor?

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