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  1. jott27

    Erratic File Explorer

    The Windows File Explorer accepts a USB device in its proper way, and displays the content as expected. After I finished whatever I was doing with the USB device (Memory stick) I attempt to disconnect the device by rightclicking on the device ID. This brings up the "reject". Clicking on this...
  2. jott27

    How to turn on Bluetooth on SP6 Pro

    My computer is not connected to the internet (see my previous post) Home->Devices ->Bluetooth & Other devices has " an + icon " that says "Add Bluetooth", but when clicking on it, on the next display it says "On this Window device, turn onBluetooth" (Catch 22)
  3. jott27

    Driver for network adaper

    My SP6Pro das not connect to the internet due to problem with the network driver. Need new driver for the network adapter. How to delete the corrupt one before installing a new one. I found a source for the new driver, but would like to be sure the corrupt one is deleted before installing the...
  4. jott27

    French Accents on SP6 Keyboard Cover

    How to type french accents on surface pro6 keyboard cover?
  5. jott27

    Discussions on sync (syncronization)

    I have three active computers on my home network: iMac, Surface pro 6, and a Surface 2. They have each a different operating system, but each have OneNote installed. Making changes on one will show up on the two others. This surprised me somewhat, because I was under the impression that...
  6. jott27

    Use Whiteboard to create attachments

    I wanted to use Whiteboard as a means to help manipulate an image for inclusion into a post. The main problem was to create the size suitable for inclusion. For my test, I had already a screen shot in my Clipboard. In the Whiteboard I adjusted the grid for the largest density. Then I used the...
  7. jott27

    About this Forum

    For some reason my avatar shows that I joint this forum on Apr 18, 2014. My first post was only made in the early part of Jan 2019. Up until this date I never had any reason to contact this forum. Since then, I wrote over 40 posts and I got to appreciate the usefulness of this Forum. My sudden...
  8. jott27

    Solved More or Less Space in OneNote

    After all the number of post regarding the elimination of space I finally found the one and only solution as indicated in this screen shot. The new OneNote das have the "increase/decrease space" capability. It was shows within the "Draw" section. Persistence in searching finally paid off.
  9. jott27

    Solved OneNote -space issue revisited

    I write this post mainly for my own purpose, but think it might provide some insight into the working way of OneNote. My purpose is to get my first try of including a screen shot. There are two screenshots, the one on the right shows seven pics, each in a separate container. The one on the left...
  10. jott27

    How to include screen shots

    I think the subject line says it all. There are a number of YouTube presentations, but they are more confusing than instructive. I am looking for a simple 1), 2), 3)…… sequence of how to go about to include a screen shot into a post.
  11. jott27

    A plea to all the good helpers

    I am too old to be embarrassed by asking dumb questions, because life has thought me that actually there are no such things as "dumb" questions. If a question is asked, it indicates that the questioner is in need of an answer, regardless how the question appears to be dumb or not. Too often the...
  12. jott27

    The evolution of OneNote

    Way back in time I had a Surface 2 with OneNote installed. I forgot which version it was. However, it had the capability to permit the use of two ways how to use it. One was similar to the current way of usage, but the second one permitted its use within a desktop environment. I liked it very...
  13. jott27

    Eliminate spaces from pages in OneNote

    A page in OneNote may contain a lot of individual blocks (e.g Pictures). Deleting one such block leaves open space. A cumbersome way would be to move all the following blocks upwards to close the gap. There really should be a better way to eliminate such wasted space, but so far I have not...
  14. jott27

    How to use Clipboard

    There are numerous u-tube videos that deal with this subject. Unfortunately my hearing is not as good as it was when I was in my 20th. The subject matter is important enough for most users, that one would think a clear instruction on how to use the clipboard could be provided by simple text...
  15. jott27

    Bluetooth file exchange between Android phone and PC

    I have managed to get my Samsung Galaxy S3 and my Surface Pro6 paired. Now that I have done this I am lost what to do next. What App would I need to share/transfer Files and Photos. Do appropriate Apps have to be installed on both devices ? What available Apps ? What dialogs are needed to...
  16. jott27

    Head Phone Connection Problem

    Home->Sound->Manage sound system->Output Devices This shows "Headphones" when phones are plugged in and it shows "Speaker" when phones are not plugged in. In both cases sound is provided by the speakers. I would have expected to hear sound in my headphone but not from the speakers. There is no...
  17. jott27

    Browser Issue

    I play chess on the internet on Microsoft Edge appeared to be the preferred browser in my initial setup of surface pro 6. I used it to play my chess games flawlessly by using the pen to move the pieces. However, the program included a feature to help with playing strategy. Here I run...
  18. jott27

    Recommend Screenshot/ Screencapture

    What Screenshot or Screen capture apps are best suited for surface pro 6
  19. jott27

    Remove erroneous App tile from Start screen

    My Start screen shows the AP tile (Associated Press) but the detailed view of all installed apps has no entry for this app. How can I get rid of this erroneous tile?
  20. jott27

    How to update my avatar

    I am sure this topic has been covered before, but I have no clue how I can find where it was covered. So I ask for help how togo about to create an avatar.

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