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    How fast from the past

    CPUMark 99 Version1.0 You can google to download this file. Sifting through some old software and found this old single-threaded benchmark utility. Yes it is old and not an absolute measure by any means, but as a quick relative test of single thread performance, I decided to test it in my...
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    Patch Tuesday Deja Vu? I received 20 optional updates. Anyone else?
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    Patch Tuesday and a Holiday !

    They are available now
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    Yellow streak reduction???

    My Surface Pro 1 had a faint vertical yellow streak on the left side of the screen. Yes the same one that has been alluded to many times on this forum and elseware. It did not bother me enough to return the unit, and so I ignored it. One of the members, I believe it was Mitchellvii, had...
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    [Update] Back to the Future

    If you are wondering what it will like, patches for the Surface RT, Surface 2, Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3 will arrive today. Your posted comments and experiences are important.
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    [Update] Will your Hardware/Software issues be resolved today? Perhaps

    You don't have to wish upon a Star. Good things usually happen to those who wait. As "bluegrass" alluded to Yesterday, today is Microsoft Patch Tuesday(all Surface and Surface Pro models) Around 1:00 PM EST What was your result?
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    Updates, A Day We Should Remember?

    What patches will the Microsoft Server “serve up" today? Will it be a banquet feast or just a low calorie lunchbox meal? We will find out soon enough.
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    [Updates] The table is now set for 5

    Surface RT, Surface 2, Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2. Surface pro 3 will receive patches/updates today.
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    Template for the Modern Tablet?

    Was randomly watching an 1993 episode of Star Trek-The Next Generation- Series 6 Episode 22 "Suspicions" on BBC America. The hand held data devices looked awfully familiar. The form factor and size was amazingly similar to a very popular tablet of today.;);) But I thought when it was introduced...
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    The time is now

    Updates are now available for download
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    Will the Surface Experience provide a new HIGH?

    Could be. Those recent cravings might soon be satisfied. We get our Monthly FIX today! It's MPT
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    A Patch by any other name would revise no less

    Today is: MPT Update 1
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    Deja Vu! all over again?

    Why do I feel like I have been here before??? I keep getting these thoughts in my mind: The largest Software & Programming company in the world? A relatively small piece of software designed to fix or update an original computer program code? The day after Monday? :starstruck:
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    Power Button Guard

    FWIW I have made a low tech, low cost workaround, to the power button on the Surface 1 &2 (I wish they had recessed it a bit more) being inadvertently pressed at inopportune times. For example, careless handling, movement or inadvertent contact in my carry case etc. These events can lead to...
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    It's that time of the month again

    Of course. It is Microsoft Patch Tuesday. On manual download? Then, I would suggest the following: Lock and load your keyboard. Fuel up at your charge station. Check system file integrity (at the administrator command prompt: Type sfc /scannow) Check for available update downloads Allow...
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    What say you?

    I for one am convinced that a good percentage of update download failures and problems are a direct result of using the Automatic download and install option. This option increases the susceptibility to corruption and the detrimental interruption of data, due to situations present or occurring...
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    Microsoft Patch Tuesday today!

    The March of the Digital Soldiers is in progress!!
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    John Doe, Do you know what what day it is (tomorrow) Huh? Huh?

    Yes, you are right. It is Microsoft Patch Tuesday, the day we get packets of, refurbished and new, 1's and 0's. Hoping all our requestss and expectations will be met, or at least some of them.
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    Realtek Audio Drivers - Stereo Mix available!

    I decided to check the audio drivers on my new SP2. I discovered that unlike the SP1 it had Realtek drivers. My experience told that Stereo Mix could be available. My suspicion was confirmed! Here is how to activate it. Windows key + X key. Choose control panel. Choose Sound. Choose Recording...

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