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  1. J

    No replacement AC Adapters available for Surface Pro

    The RT charger will work, several on the forums (myself included) have one as a travel or backup charger. Just charges the Pro slower, definitely no danger.
  2. J

    SP1 original TYPE keyboard failed.

    The type 2 will definitely work on the SP1. To be honest I'm a bit worried too about durability of the covers as I've gone through two replacements on my power cover already. Warranty service is awesome from Microsoft but that's only for a year.
  3. J

    Touch keyboard quit working..

    Go to and register your keyboard. You can then request a warranty replacement online. It doesn't matter where you bought it from, the warranty period (generously on MS's behalf) starts when you register using the serial number. I've just had my power cover stop working...
  4. J

    New owner of Surface Pro

    I also picked up an RT charger for travel use, great accessory! And I almost always use my pro as a laptop, although recently I've tried to remind myself I can use it as a tablet and started using it more like that in the evenings for casual browsing. A 64gb micro SD and network storage at...
  5. J

    New owner of Surface Pro

    I love my SP, it has replaced my laptop and I find I almost never use my Android tablet anymore. I started with the touch cover 2 and I wasn't able to be productive on it without using an external keyboard. Now that I got the power cover, it really makes it possible to use it the way I want...
  6. J

    Pro overheated, won't power back on

    I had a scary moment the other day as well. I had put my SP with power cover to sleep, then put in my Snugg leather case, and slipped that into my back pack. A few hours later, I was horrified when I reached into my bag and felt the case was hot. Pulled the SP out and it was burning hot...
  7. J

    SurfacePro + Power Cover = FRUSTRATION!!! :(

    I had the exact same problem with a Power Cover I picked up off eBay last week. It's a hardware problem, got a brand new one from Microsoft on warranty and it works great. Good luck!

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