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    touch cover unresponsive sometimes

    Well I hope it is not my cover.. But occasionally after putting the surface to sleep and waking it, the touch cover will be unresponsive. I have to remove it and plug it back in to get it to work. Im not sure if this happens when I put it to sleep with the cover over the back or if it does...
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    screen flex?

    I just started to notice this recently and want make sure my surface is not an odd one out. anyway, this is most noticeable when a light is right above it and the glare is noticeable. Anyway when I press in the center of the screen, the gorrila glass flexes... Quite a bit more than I thought...
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    wireless freezes most controls after standby

    I don't know if this is from the wireless or what but it has happened twice since getting my pro on sat. What happens is I'll resume it from standby and it will not get wireless. I can't click on the wireless, can't reboot, shutdown etc. If I put it to sleep again it will freeze for good and I...

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