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    Forum member hands on reviews SP4

    So, basically I love and hate relationship for me and my Surface, which will lead to that I sell it and get a Macbook as soon as the new ones are out. Have the SP4 with i5 and 8gb RAM What i LOVE: The Hardware, the hardware, and the hardware. Everything about this machine speaks of quality...
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    SP4 won't log in the first time.

    So i got a surface. And i got problems. I am willing to solve these before reterning it, but i need som help. I start it up the first time, create a long profile name (my own name, 23 letter/signs, also counting the two spaces), and a password i have used before and remember. When I am about...
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    Buy in USA, live in EU, how does warranty work?

    2 years warranty in Sweden too. But if i bought it in france i'd still have the same problems about repairs/warranty. And a missing address that i don't have.
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    Buy in USA, live in EU, how does warranty work?

    I emailed both Bhphotovidoe and called Microsoft. Both said the same thing kinda. Bhphotovideo said their warranty does not work in Sweden. And that they was sure the same went for Microsoft. Microsoft told me I would have to send the Surface back to the US, even though they are sold in...
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    I probably will get a macbook instead of a Surface.

    I want a Surface, make no mistake. And i do want 8Gb RAM and i5. For me, who is mainly a writer and otherwise typical computer-user (surfing & video), the most important thing is that the Hardware feels great, and that it is good to type on. Also price is important. (Of course the most...
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    Buy in USA, live in EU, how does warranty work?

    But don't microsoft have International warranty? I mean, soon (this month) they are going to be selling the SP4 in Sweden, exactly the same specs and the keyboard having different symbols won't be a problem since The SP4 does not have a keyboard ^^
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    Does Microsoft have International Warranty?

    Should note we are talking about the Surface Pro 4 And that i will buy it in the USA but use it in Sweden, EU. And if they do have it, how does it work/function? What can i expect? Same treatment as if i bought the SP4 in Sweden? Anyone have a link with more info?
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    SP4 gaming performance videos

    That is a problem, yes. Well i won't use heavy programs that take a lot of space, and generally don't keep much media (except 30gb music) on my machine. So will have to "waste" some gb on games. To tell the truth i'm probably gonna use my sp4 mainly for writing on, something i could have done...
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    SP4 gaming performance videos

    Would just use 100Gb on my 256Gb from the Surface :p
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    SP4 gaming performance videos

    Would it be possible to play Star Citizen or the single player game of star citizen (squadron 42) on a SP4 with intel i5, 8Gb ram? Seen some vid on some dude playing Arena Commander (not full star citizen) on an SP3. What are people's GUESSES on playing Halo 5? (If it would be relesed for...
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    Buy in USA, live in EU, how does warranty work?

    So i'll shortly buy a surface pro 4, i5, 8gb ram. My friend will actually buy it for me from BHphotovideo in US NY. But i myself reside in Sweden. The SP4 will probably not be opened and started before reaching Swedish soil. Therefore i am a little bit worried about warranty. Just want to...

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