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    New Surface - Updates failed to install

    Hello I've just got my sew SP4 (256 - i5) I checked for new updates and all them to download and (attempt) to install. However, it appears like the most important ones have NOT installed. Any ideas of how to install these? The original error was 0x80248007 When I now click 'check for...
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    Battery Drain whilst shutdown

    Hello My SP4 is losing 5-7% battery percentage when shutdown. I only notice this when the laptop is shutdown for 20hours +. Usually It's shutdown in the evening and restarted again in the morning, and I dont notice any drain. However, this past weekend I switched I used it sparingly and notice...
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    Battery sudden drain 65%-0%

    Hi Guys Another post about batteries/charging, I’m afraid! Thanks for taking the time to read the below: BACKGROUND Yest morning, I used laptop for couple of hours in lectures. Went from 100% to 67%. No problem with that – was quite an intense 2 hours of typing / web browsing. I then shut...

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