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    Microsoft discontinues its Surface wireless keyboard adapter

    It's a bit of a shame that this has been discontinued. It was never even released in the UK market! I guess I can understand that if they weren't selling very well that it couldn't carry on. However I put this down to a failing in Microsoft's distribution and marketing of the entire Surface...
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    Office for iPad

    Actually this is a very logical decision for Microsoft to take. Consider that Microsoft's Office business is actually a bigger business than Windows. Now keep in mind that Windows is slowly moving from holding a position of total dominance of all personal computing, toward being just one of...
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    Frustrated - will this not work with Gmail, calendar, and contacts?

    From what I can tell, it should be possible to get some progress on this fairly easily. First things first, make sure you've updated to Windows 8.1 This is essential, as without it you won't be able to update to the latest version of Mail, Calendar and People. Second, make sure you're up to...
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    Best Way to Prepare for Selling SP1

    Hi there! I guess you could just hand it over - your wife can add an account, and then when you delete yours I guess most of your personal data will get deleted. Not sure what happens to apps and other stuff. You can also use disk cleanup to get rid of the usual system-related stuff...
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    Connecting printers to my surface

    Hi there. What make and model is the printer and how are you proceeding to install it? Is the Printer supported by Windows RT? Yes, I know it may be an oddity, but Windows RT only supports a subset of printers through the use of what are generally referred to as 'Class Drivers', as such it's...
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    Streaming on surface?

    Yes, but it depends on the product and the Surface you buy. If you buy Surface RT, or Surface 2, then you'll be able to visit websites that use Flash for streaming and it should work fine. If the website uses anything other than Flash (even Microsoft's own Silverlight) then it will NOT work...
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    Help wanted: Finding, buying and connecting a wireless printer to a Surface RT 8.1

    Hi there! As a Surface 2 (RT) user (and formerly a Surface RT user) I feel your pain! Vendors don't make it easy to ascertain which printers are supported in RT and which are not! Asking them directly often results in the less helpful 'Yes it's supported on Windows 8' answer as you say! When...
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    Surface RT frozen at login and won't power down

    Make sure you do a full Windows Update to get the latest updates and patches from Microsoft - should fix these sort of issues. From the 'charms bar' go to settings, then click the link for 'PC Settings' In the app, goto the 'Update and Recovery' section, then click on 'Check Now' in the right...
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    Are there any widespread hardware defects or software problems?

    I've had a Surface 2 since released day, and am very happy with it. There were some early firmware and OS issues, but these were fairly minor and have since been largely resolved by updates. Microsoft have proved very good at establishing a steady monthly trickle of updates and improvements...
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    Has anyone done an online service replacement in the UK?

    I'm based in the UK, and have gone through the process online once in the past to replace a faulty Surface RT The process worked flawlessly for me, taking me through to the stage of arranging a reference number for dropping off my faulty device at a service location, and when the package landed...
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    Volume level has dropped off

    Ahh, so it's not just me then! :p I too am experiencing a sudden reduction in volume, and I'm also receiving the error about audio enhancements causing 'problems' when I attempt to access the Playback Devices control panel. Whatever the last driver package / firmware update did, it...
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    Printer Driver Support

    If the printer is wireless, you'll want to try and print direct. Your Surface should install the printer automatically if you've turned on the option to connect to shared devices when you first joined your WiFi. You can also install the printer manually by going to PC Settings > PC & Devices >...
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    How Microsoft screwed up, and wont help

    Where in the world are you? I had a horrible experience ordering my Surface RT from the MicrosoftStore website here in the UK last year. Bad delivery information, problems with the order process, poor helpline. Eventually I was thrown a £50 voucher to use (saved it for my Surface 2 order this...
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    Display Driver Crashing

    Hi Just took a look at the reliability history on my Surface 2 and found the display driver is crashing very frequently! I have not really seen any visible symptoms of this other than games occasionally crash, but given the timestamp of some of the driver crashes it also looks like it's...
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    Surface 2 – Fact vs Fiction

    I mostly agree with all of this. Most of the online reviews of both the Surface, and other Windows 8(.1) tablets all tend to follow the same pattern - pick apart Windows 8 on perceived weaknesses, fail to highlight the strengths. Take the criticism over the ecosystem. When Windows 8 launched...
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    What are the advantages of using a local account?

    I think it's really a question of how paranoid you are!! For some, there is a sneaking suspicion that syncing all your settings and passwords with Microsoft is giving them too much information, and particularly in light of the recent stores of the NSA and GCHQ, how do we know what information...
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    Type Cover 2 (Coloured) availibility

    Several accessories appear to be unavailable for pre-order in the UK store. The coloured touch and type cover 2's, I can't seem to find the Bluetooth wireless adapter for the keyboard covers either. Hopefully these will appear in the store when the official launch date comes - we'll see!
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    Are you annoyed that the Surface Pro 2 has come out so soon?

    In general, if I know a new device is coming out in the next few months, I might wait for it. However once a device has been released you can expect that anything longer than a year is too long to let a product languish without revision, especially in the fast moving world of mobile devices...
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    What about Surface 3 (RT)

    Predicting the future is pretty hard when it comes to what new stuff we'll see in a Surface 3. If you leave out the new accessories, what we see with Surface 2 is largely a spec bump. Faster CPU, better screen, thinner, lighter etc. Over time new generations of both wired and wireless IO...
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    Trouble sleeping after 8.1 upgrade

    Check your power management settings to ensure that everything is set correctly. Also, go to the reliability monitor from the action center in Windows and see if there are any background apps regularly crashing. Some Store apps can run tasks in the background, and these can cause problems...

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