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    Display Driver Crashing

    Hi Just took a look at the reliability history on my Surface 2 and found the display driver is crashing very frequently! I have not really seen any visible symptoms of this other than games occasionally crash, but given the timestamp of some of the driver crashes it also looks like it's...
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    Surface RT No Longer charges

    This is likely going to end up being a warranty issue, but I thought I would ask if anyone else had encountered this issue. Last night, I plugged my Surface RT into it's charger, and noticed the light did not come on. I tried re-seating the connector, no joy. Tried a spare charger - still...
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    BBC Review gets it completely wrong

    Once again, the BBC 'Click' program offers up another overly biased review of a Microsoft product. Here we see Marc Cieslak taking a look at a few tablets, with the review of the Surface taking up the first half of the segment : BBC News - Review of Microsoft, Google and Apple's latest...

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