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  1. digiraiter

    Low Power / Low Heat Drawing App for Surface Pro?

    Hello what is a simple But practical Drawing app for surface pro that won't use a lot of battery or Heat the Device too much Photoshop and CLIP Studio are functional, But it's good to have an App that let you do fast sketches without bein worry about Surface to Heat up and Get Hot Thanks
  2. digiraiter

    Can't Hold Right Click with Pen After Update

    Hello After updating Windows, I can't Right Click and Drag with Pen while I was able to before that. Also in some programs Like "TV paint" I can't right click at all. Drag with right click is a must have function for many programs like Maya or 3D Max. Also you can change Brush size with...
  3. digiraiter

    Touch won't work if you use Pen

    Thanks for your Reply Unfortunatly, no The Problem is Still there for Both Windows and Photoshop Functions The only thing is that Clip Studio Paint (Manga Studio) Don't Have this Problem Every time I Download an Update for Windows 10, I hope that this problem be Solved, But until now It been...
  4. digiraiter

    Touch won't work if you use Pen

    I Just Reset my Surface Pro 4 After Loading up a Fresh Windows without any Settings Change or Update, I tested it and it was Still there Now It's look like a Software Bug to me that need an Update I hope new update would Improve this Lag Time when you switch from pen to touch Still, if you know...
  5. digiraiter

    Touch won't work if you use Pen

    I just got my Surface pro 4 I only installed "Windows 10 Creators Update" and then Photoshop CC 2017 and Honestly I think the problem was there before I install Photoshop because I new that Pen works better and faster than my Touch but in few hours I start testing it, I didn't notice it and...
  6. digiraiter

    Touch won't work if you use Pen

    Hello I think I'm facing a Problem when I installed Photoshop, I noticed that Touch Gestures won't work if I use Pen After using pen, I must wait 5~10 Sec for Touch to get Active again First I thought it's a Problem in Photoshop Settings then I noticed that it's like that in entire windows for...

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