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    Random slowdowns of this PoS

    Ok, I've been a heavy duty (office use 8 hrs/day) user of Surface Pro 2017, so please forgive me if I can't keep my nerves in check while writing this. So, this little piece of sh.. has been pissing me off real bad recently with its random slowdowns for no apparent reason, other than maybe...
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    Never-ending myriad of bugs

    My background: I'm a 26-year old translator. I've been into PCs since I was about 8. I vaguely remember the blinking white cursor on a white background in MS DOS, and my dad laughing at Microsoft's claims that their new systems would be free from freezes and such. Until Windows XP, which - as...
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    Got 3 Surfaces, all with light bleed + general MS bashing

    This is f....g outrageous. I got three SPs 2017 (for myself, for SO and for mum), and all of them exhibit light bleed ranging from minor to horrendous. Does anyone have a unit free from any bleeding entirely?
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    Surface Pro 2017 m3 - no Enhanced mode?

    Can any SP 2017 m3 owner confirm to have the Enhanced display mode available? My unit has the function greyed out. Same goes for a store demo unit I saw. I have all the updates.

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