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    SP1/SP2 Docking Station $89.99 Staples Ends 4/25/2015
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    Calendar App Won't Completely Sync

    Weird issue with my Calendar app (the MS one), it only shows events through this past September. However, when I check my calendar through my iPhone (synced to Outlook) and the site, my calendar shows all the events I created correctly. The settings for the Calendar app itself are...
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    Intel Graphics Driver Stopped Working Properly...directs me to ASUSTEK for update?

    My SP1 has been rock solid, but I noticed today a message in notification center, dated June 12th, that the Intel Graphics Driver stopped working properly, and that there was an update available to download from ASUSTEK. I don't specifically remember the driver crashing or a BSOD, though there...
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    Photos App Doesn't Work

    As per the thread title, the Metro Photos app in Windows 8.1 no longer works for me. When opening it, I can see the folders, but the picture files themselves aren't displayed (as if they don't exist). If I select Skydrive from the photos app, it doesn't see anything either. It also seems to...
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    TouchMe Gesture Control Studio - Configure your own finger swipe gestures

    Just came across this app for the Surface Pro line: TouchMe Gesture Studio | Yashar Bahman Which allows you to configure multiple finger gestures (for example, a three finger swipe to move to the next browser tab, a 5 finger pinch in to go to the start screen, etc). Looks very promising!
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    Surface Pro 2 Firmware and Driver Pack

    Not suggesting anyone install this, but Microsoft has released Surface Pro 2 firmware and drivers targeted towards enterprise users. It looks to be a complete firmware/driver package, as its 158MB in size. Its listed as compatible with Windows 8.1 Pro and 8.1 Enterprise. Just throwing it out...
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    Can't Save Maximum Processor Power State

    I'm trying to configure my power saver profile for maximum battery life, so I wanted to adjust the max processor state in the power options to a lower value. What I found is that it doesn't retain the value I entered but instead reverts back to 100%. It retains the value when restarting, but...
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    Seperate Scaling for Desktop and Metro IE

    As the title suggests, is there any way to set unique values for scaling on the metro and desktop IE browser? For example, I want to have scaling set to 150% in metro IE, and 125% in desktop. However, if I close one browser, it sets itself to the scaling level of the other. Any ideas?
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    System Hardware Update - 10/24/2013?

    Just did an update check on my Surface Pro 2, and I noticed a System Hardware Update available to download (it wasn't large, around 200-400kb). I can't find any record of it online yet, but when looking at the update history, the update has a date of 10/24/2013. I was wondering if this was the...
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    Pinch Out to Zoom Annoyance

    I've been using the Metro version of IE more and more, but I came across something that's kinda annoying. Sometimes, when I pinch out to zoom in on a part of the screen, it zooms into a location unrelated to where my fingers pinched (the opposite side of the screen, for example). Most of the...
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    Don't know how many here have heard about this (probably common knowledge among most of you!), but there's a new surface pro 1/2 case that has a built-in hub (3 USB 3.0 ports, CF card reader, SD card reader and a greater degree of screen adjustability) due to be released later this month. Not...

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