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    Yeah! Nook app is finally in the Store

    I have never used a Nook or its apps....and I have been thinking about no longer renewing my magazines in old paper mail delivery form. In the nook app, do magazine subscriptions go move between devices with the account?
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    Podcast app?

    Any suggestions on a good podcast app?
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    Registering your Surface

    Thanks. That got me to where I needed to be.
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    Registering your Surface

    As a follow on to this topic of registering the device, how do you do it AFTER the initial setup? I couldnt get mine to connect to the wireless (had another post about that and how i finally fixed it)....but now that I am up and running, I need to go back and register the
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    Surface RT wifi connection issue

    I had the issue with LIMITED connectivity right out of the box with the Surface. It just plain refused to connect to my home network. I messed with it alot and looked at the router properties. Found some interesting info: 1. The Surface was getting a "local" ip address so basically couldnt...
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    What would you change about the Surface?

    Although this would be great (but also what the Pro will be for), the architecture of the RT with an ARM processor just won't allow this to happen, they just plain won't run on it. We'd need to have a x86/64 emulator for this to occur. Maybe someone will develop one, but I'd be surprised to...
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    Touch Cover vs Type Cover

    I can only talk about it from my demo experience as I have not purchased one yet, but in my time at the MS store the other night I really liked the touch keyboard. I was expecting to really dislike it and believed I would prefer the type keyboard, but I was wrong. The touch keyboard worked...

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