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    Trident Cyclops Case

    The case is selling for $67 on Amazon. Also its currently 30% off at their website ( with "30JOY" at checkout. I just found the installation video for the Surface Pro 2. If it's the...
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    Trident Cyclops Case

    Has anyone tried out this case? I'm currently using the Urban Armor case but I really hate their kickstand and how bulky the case is. I just saw this case here. It has anti-skid, does not look too thick, and you can use your own kickstand...
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    Solved Going back to Windows 8.1 from 10

    Deleting the partitions with diskpart worked! Thanks so much. Back on 8.1. I really liked Windows 10 too. Hopefully try it again in a few months. Couldn't run a few programs with it right now.
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    Solved Going back to Windows 8.1 from 10

    still no luck. any help would be appreciated thanks!
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    Recovery Disk/image 8.1

    I swear the SP3 image from Microsoft is not working. Can anyone make a SP3 recovery image and upload it?
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    Solved Going back to Windows 8.1 from 10

    Can anyone make a copy of their SP3 factory image and send it to me? The one Microsoft provides does not seem to work. Sigh.
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    Solved Going back to Windows 8.1 from 10

    I boot into the USB drive that has the contents of the image ( I'm now stuck at the "Insert your windows install or recovery media to continue".
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    Solved Going back to Windows 8.1 from 10

    Whoops. Yes bootable USB.
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    Solved Going back to Windows 8.1 from 10

    Yes I followed the instructions and made a boot CD. When follow on screen instructions but when I click on reset PC, it tells me I don't have a valid Windows Disk in.
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    Solved Going back to Windows 8.1 from 10

    Hey everyone, I managed to boot to the USB drive with the extracted 6.4gb ( file. However, when I try to restore, it tells me I don't have a valid Windows disk. Sigh. Anyone else got anymore ideas? =/
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    Solved Going back to Windows 8.1 from 10

    I'm trying to go back to Windows 8.1 from Windows 10 but it does not seem to work. I tried doing recovery through Settings. Reset PC resets it keeps it on Windows 10. Doing recovery gives me a blue screen error (see picture 1). I also tried to download the surface pro 3 recovery image...
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    Concerns about SP3 cases.

    I have both the UAG and Moko... UAG adds too much bulk but I guess I have to deal with it because I can't imaging dropping my SP3. I don't really like the Moko since it has limited viewing angles for me. Anyhow... Incipio just came out with some cases for the SP3. I really want to try out...
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    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    Seems like auto-rotate is not working. I'm using this work-around: Control Panel --> Windows Mobility Center --> Rotate Screen. I just pin Windows Mobility Center on my task bar for now for quick access. Update: nvm. Microsoft just sent out an update. Auto-rotate is working now.
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    F.lux crashing SP3 - Any solution?

    Hi everyone, after uninstalling F.lux for a couple weeks and other than Wifi issues, my SP3 is rock solid stable. I just tried installing F.lux again and it still crashes my SP3. Has anyone find a fix for this? I really need f.lux since I do a lot of my work at night.
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    Lock-ups, spontaneous restarts and other glitches

    Anyone noticing lockups with f.lux? Its a program that changes the color of your screen to reduced eye strain.
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    Disable swipe down to shutdown feature

    Seriously, who the hell came up with this feature? I use my touch cover to put my SP3 to sleep and I like to wake up my laptop by pushing enter a few times... apparently this shuts down my computer now. Lost 2 documents already from this. Does anyone know how to turn this off? It looks...
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    Good looking Surface Pro 3 Skins /w some grip?

    Does anyone have any experience with using skins for their tablet? I'm looking for one for the SP3 that not only looks good but adds a little grip.
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    Essential Apps for new SP3 owners?

    I recommend TouchMousePointer TouchMousePointer - virtual touchpad (on-screen mouse). Touch is great and all but sometimes you just need a mouse pointer, this program turns your whole screen into a touchpad so when you don't have your keyboard attached or your pen handy, you can quickly switch...
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    Random lockups & Wifi "limited" connection problems

    I didn't try disabling Webroot but went for the full restore. I reinstalled everything except for Webroot. Seems like my Wifi and freezing problem is resolved for now. I really hope it's not Webroot. I'm going to use this for a week to see how stable it is then I'll try reinstall Webroot again.

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