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    Surface Looks Good When...

    Placed under the tree :D
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    [How to] Use Surface RT as a Note-taking Netbook Replacement

    Taking Notes as a Netbook: Picture Password 0:46 Pseudo-Palm Blocking 1:08 Note-taking by typing 2:22 Taking notes with Screen Clippings 5:53 Taking notes with Windows 8 Search and Screen Clipping 11:14 Wireless Printing 15:40
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    Actually Got a Defective Surface RT

    Last week, car battery died. Went to dealership, got a new battery. Today, Surface Tablet has defect with headphones. Went to Microsoft Store, got a new Surface Tablet. All this time, I have been raving about my new Surface so much I forgot to test out the headphones haha. But I went to...
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    [Poll] If You Bought the Surface, What Continent Are You In?

    I want to see the answer to this question since Surface has been generally bashed in American media, and was wondering how it fares with the other countries. You can vote, then tell me your country on the comment section.
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    Microsoft Surface/Products Commercial Compilation

    I find these videos extremely hilarious. I don't know if anybody would follow Microsoft's product line for that, but they are entertaining enough. From dancing, to showing up as a hacking device, to being a robotic friend. I like how Microsoft is shifting advertisements towards a bit of humor...
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    OPINION: 40 Million Wins for Windows Surface, Phone, and PCs

    You remember seeing this video? It is the interview with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. I remember watching this video four years ago, and I could not help but feel sorry for Steve Jobs. The interviewers seem to be "Microsoft Fanbois"...
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    Tried Using Surface Tablet only as a TABLET for a Few Days

    My experience with using the Surface as a laptop replacement has been phenomenal. All the keyboard shortcuts of a window power-user are there and the experience is exactly the same as using a Windows desktop/laptop. I was going to agree with those reviews that said it lack as a tablet until I...
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    Windows 8 Phones Impressions: Who here has one?

    I need to know which of these phones to get: Nokia Lumia 810 (They do not offer 920 on my carrier :_( ) HTC 8X Nexus 4 (4.2 Android) Also, for those who own the Nokia, is the GPS data assisted or pure GPS?
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    Finally, a RAR Unzip App

    I have been waiting weeks for this. The 8zip App did not seem to work. See? Just wait awhile and you will see apps developed for Surface RT. Hopefully, it can replace your laptop cpu in the future.
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    How to Speed Up Surface Performance

    Post here how you have sped up performance for your surface rt tablets. Here are my guidelines: Things/Apps You Can Download -Updates: go to your PC settings and make sure you get the latest update. Also go on desktop mode look up computer properties, tap windows updates, and try to find...
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    [How to:] Optimize OneNote on Surface RT

    Here's my advice Quick Access Feature: 0- Before #1, there is the undo button. I forgot to mention it. Really useful 1-Stroke Eraser 2- Black pen, 3rd thickest 3- Red pen, 3rd thickest 4- Pointer/Stop Inking/Start typing 5- Highlighter 6- Lasso 7- Pen options 8- View % options...
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    Surface Window Updates List

    Should also be a sticky! Please report on any changes you guys notice and add to things that I am missing. Someone also take over this post. I have a life too! Update 11/13/2012 -Up to 5 security updates for RT and Desktop Windows 8 -App launch up to 2 seconds faster Update 11/07/2012...
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    Surface Shortcuts

    We should pin this somewhere. I would like to know all the newly discovered shortcuts. Very useful. Some that I have found ultra useful: Screenshot: Tablet's windows button + lower volume button Open OneNote select screenshot from anywhere: Windows Key + S Go back to desktop: Windows key + D...
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    Post Your Surface App with Screenshots

    The tweetro app is great! It gives you a preview on each twitter newsfeed:
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    Got My Surface Yesterday, Check What I Am Doing With It

    Hi there, I am new, and this is the first time that I am super fascinated and passionate about any product. Microsoft has put every sweat and muscle into making every inch of this product. This is what I have done: Full blown desktop, with mouse, printer, and keyboard attached. When I am...

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