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    Battery app?

    Yup, I was going to add it to my own app, but it's not yet supported. Still waiting for an updated version of the Framework to add it in there.
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    Why a Microsoft Surface?

    1. Needed a new laptop and I liked the Tablet interface. ALso like to write notes using it. 2. Got it the day it came out. 3. Main PC at home, Secondary at work. 4. No doubt. 5. Depends on the person. iPad's and Androids are more than enough for most people. 6. Yes, Portable gaming/video...
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    Search apps

    Like everyone else said, you can search the store. There's also this website I found if you want 3rd party. MetroStore Scanner
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    Suggestions from the store please?

    I'd like to know this as well. I'm designing my next app right now and will most likely be using in-app adverts and App Upgrades. On some developer sites I've seen one guy say he made around $1/month through in app advertisements, though he didn't mention what the app was or how many people...
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    Suggestions from the store please?

    <shameless self promotion> I just wrote a system dashboard app that shows ip address and other info for live tiles. I often remote into my Surface to take advantage of a bigger desktop so I wrote this app to get the IP without having to run IPConfig. Also shows some more helpful info like...
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    PLEASE tell me this is not common ==> my vapor mag chips and scratches at will

    I have a bunch of scratches and maybe 1 or 2 chips. My son dropped it twice from about 2 feet. I gave up babying it a long time ago.
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    Thinking about buying a surface pro (Original)

    I've used photoshop CS5. It's not bad, but the buttons are kind of small to click on. You would have issues if you going to use the touch screen, but using a mouse makes it easier.
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    Windows 8.2... What Do You Want!?

    For those who dual monitor, I'd like the option to keep one screen locked on the Start screen. With emails and weather and news popping up, it could be used as a dashboard.
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    Do you use a case for your Surface Pro 1/2?

    Nope, but I rarely use a case for any of my devices, phone or other wise. The only one I've ever used is on my Wife's iPad because our son plays with it and drops it like it's one of his cars.
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    Are you annoyed that the Surface Pro 2 has come out so soon?

    I bought the Pro expecting the second version to be much better than the first. But not too worried, I think this will last me a couple years still.
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    How to set default tiles for users on Surface Pro

    I don't know how, but the Default Tiles are basically shortcuts stored in various user folders. It's probably possible to write some startup scripts for those domain users to add the shortcuts/tiles to the various folders. Maybe this will point you in the right direction...
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    Orange flashing light inside my Surface Pro....?

    I've noticed it, but I don't have any major problems. I only saw it once when I was in the dark and just figured it was always there and I only noticed it because I was turning it on in the dark.
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    Looking For App That Lets Me Write Notice with Drawings

    OneNote is awesome. It's one of the main reason I bought a Surface Pro.
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    Former Apple Fanboy Arrives, Seeks Peace

    Agreed it is faster, but there's also workflows diagrams and other things you may want to write. The other issue with typing is that when you type the screen is up and blocks your field of view. In a meeting it seems rude and you block yourself off from what's going on. If you're the meeting...
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    Why Do MS Metro Apps Crash So Much?

    I'm using plain Win 8 and I find them unreliable at times as well. I find it is normally when I don't have an internet connection or when it's slow to connect. Then most Metro Apps just fail to load and even when internet connection becomes stable, you still need to close and restart the app.
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    Former Apple Fanboy Arrives, Seeks Peace

    Optical Character Recognition - in One Note it's just a button that says Convert to Text. I do the same thing as Krooked does. While in meetings I just keep writing and writing, don't use Word for taking notes. Just stick with OneNote. I've gotten ridden of all my paper notebooks (Except...
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    Using Visual Studio in the Surface Pro

    I've got VS 2012 Express installed for Win8 and Win Phone. Both work great. The screen is a little small, I have started autohiding properties/solution explorer tabs in order to show code and split screens, which I never would do on a desktop.
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    Questions/Concerns from a surface pro owner

    I'd assume not much if anything probably less of an impact. I'd guess that it took so long for me to connect because it constantly tried to detect new LAN Settings instead of using Settings already stored from the first time it connected. So...... your surface should be working less instead of...
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    post your surface internet speeds! Here at work Sent from the app for Windows 8
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    Questions/Concerns from a surface pro owner

    As for your wifi issues, try this to fix it. I had the same issue and after doing this, I connect instantly. Go to Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings -> Uncheck "Automatically detect settings".

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