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    USB 3 Hard drive dock w/Clone features

    Hello gang- Been a while since I posted here. My how things have changed over the years. I recently added a USB hard drive dock to my surface pro bag. The unit I picked up is this one. I was definitely doing...
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    Replacement digitizer/screen warnings

    Yep. Four sellers later I gave up. It's a shame because the Chinese are so ignorant you can show them pictures and video of your tablet and their glass and they still argue with you like you are stupid. Edit.. I should add since this item doesn't match the description eBay will give you your...
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    Replacement digitizer/screen warnings

    I recently had the misfortune of taking my surface pro on a flying lesson.. No really it jumped from the bag and landed on the driveway hard. Digitizer shattered into a million pieces. LCD broken during removal of said digitizer. My surface pro is model 1514. Says so on the back. It seems...
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    This may be the problem with Surface Pro WIFI...

    Maybe for dd-wrt....but from what I've found its more complicated than just power.
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    Curious wifi connection issues...

    I don't have a Marvell chip I ever liked fwiw. Ms failed royally by not sticking with Intel on a premium product like the surface pro. I would expect a class action lawsuit due to the WiFi issues and lack of a fix (in all seriousness).
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    Curious wifi connection issues...

    Haha...not hard to do at my work with wireless n. Then again I work for a company that starts with c and ends with t and is one of the largest isp's in the us. Ahhhh newsgroups rock on the sp with solid state drive and a fat pipe to the net...
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    Curious wifi connection issues...

    Too much power can create major snr problems in a noisy environment. There are a couple dd-wrt posts regarding it. Also, remember that just because the router is transmitting that hot does not mean your tablet will. So you might see 5 bars but the router won't see 5 bars from you.
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    Intermittent TypeCover

    Mine and others posted here ended being the surface tab itself. Try taking it to a store to see if other keyboards work when yours doesnt.
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    Try this if you have Limited Connectivity issues

    Yes. Been disabled for weeks.
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    Try this if you have Limited Connectivity issues

    I had the updates install on Tues no prob. Surfing was fine tonight until I tried to download a file via internet explorer. I did save as and wanted to save the file to a network path. As soon as I clicked on the network PC I wanted to save it to.....bam. Limited. Pretty much makes sp unreliable
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    Try this if you have Limited Connectivity issues

    Think i'll chime in with my experiences since this started happening to me now also. I currently have a linksys WRT610n as my wan router with an ASUS rt66u serving up the 2.4ghz and 5.0 ghz radios. The DHCP is disabled on the asus and it's merely acting as my radios for my home network. I get...
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    New Marvel AVASTAR driver...

    johnwlk.... I have the same asus router and consistently see you have a lot of interference in the 2.4ghz band?
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    FYI - Media Center Pack

    I still have about 10 keys I submitted for and didn't use. I was surprised when I got my SP two weeks ago and was still able to use them... they were suipposed to expire jan 31st not activated before then..
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    Cool batterybar for sp

    They have a free version guys and gals !
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    Surface Pro weird issues and overall experience

    Sorta explains why im on my 7th surface. no QA
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    type cover stops responding

    I had this problem on surface number 2 and had to return it because it completely stopped recognizing the tablet. Big question is what did ms fix in the type driver update they released tonight with tomorrows date on it and now changelog.

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