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  1. Cowboy

    8.1 Installation problems on SP

    Did you ever solve this? I found an error in the system log that said: error code 0x80070020 failed to install ESD English Bundle Parent but have not been able to fix that.
  2. Cowboy

    How to reveal the OEM Windows 8 product key in Surface pro ?

    Ruffles is correct. These word games drive me nuts. Upgrade, refresh, reinstall, overlay, etc. The "upgrade" ArnoldC is talking about results in a Windows 8.1 system with no applications and additional junk on the hard disk drive. A clean install is much better.
  3. Cowboy

    Malfunction when plugged into airplane power outlet

    I don't think the 50hz / 60hz makes any difference. It's all rectified to DC anyway!
  4. Cowboy

    Out, out d***ed spot!

    What dot? I don't see a dot!
  5. Cowboy

    Recent "trackpad settings" app update

    My settings app couldn't find the trackpad. I uninstalled the settings app, downloaded the new one, and all the controls are there and working. Now I can turn it off!!!
  6. Cowboy

    Channel bonding in 802.11 N

    My comment was not meant to disparage your 270 - 216, I am stuck at 144. I have 3 different routers and have tried all of them. I use 40Mhz band width in the 5Ghz range, router is set to N only, AES encryption, everything that I am supposed to use, but nothing improves my speed. My only question...
  7. Cowboy

    Channel bonding in 802.11 N

    It's not the 16 to 20 feet it's going through the floor or wall that will kill you with 5 Ghz. 280??? On the Surface using the built in adapter?
  8. Cowboy

    Channel bonding in 802.11 N

    Yes I did. First of all I did nothing to the setting of the network adapter on the Surface. At the router I set the bandwidth for both the 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz bands to 40 Mhz only. Then I told the Surface to "Forget this connection" where I had previously connected to the router and then I...
  9. Cowboy

    Channel bonding in 802.11 N

    Touche! Machistmo...
  10. Cowboy

    Channel bonding in 802.11 N

    In theory, practice and theory are the same, but in practice they are not. At least that's my conclusion. (just kidding mlknez) I have a new EnGenius N750 and 2 Cisco E2000 routers. They are doing their part. When I run InSSIDer on the Surface and display the networks I see channels 11+7 in the...
  11. Cowboy

    Anyone successfully created a USB bootable recovery image with Acronis?

    OK, I used a Western Digital 1 TB USB 3.0 external hard disk drive. WD Elements SE 1TB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive WDBPCK0010BBK-NESN - The problem with a lot of USB flash drives is that the firmware on the stick will not allow you to flip the bit that makes the stick look like a disk...
  12. Cowboy

    Anyone successfully created a USB bootable recovery image with Acronis?

    A few days ago Acronis released an update to Backup and Recovery 11.5 that now supports creation of recovery media using WinPE version 4.0 (Windows 8). I created a 64 bit UEFI recovery disk and copied it to the first partition of a USB drive and booted from it successfully. Since the second...
  13. Cowboy

    Mouse activity will not wake my Surface Pro

    I have a USB mouse in addition to the Bluetooth. I plugged that in and let the computer go to sleep. The I turned the wheel on the USB mouse and that woke it up but no action on the Bluetooth mouse wakes it up. In another test I let it go to sleep and clicked the left and right buttons on the...
  14. Cowboy

    Mouse activity will not wake my Surface Pro

    I have gotten into the habit of waking my Surface by tapping the space bar, and that works fine. I can wake any of my other computers by moving the mouse, but that won't work on the surface. I have a USB mouse and also a Bluetooth mouse and I have tried both of them and no dice. I checked device...
  15. Cowboy

    Channel bonding in 802.11 N

    Does anyone know if the Surface network adapter supports channel bonding in 802.11 N or G for that matter. There are a lot of good routers and access points out there on the market that support channel bonding to provide speeds up to 300 - 450 Mbps. Are we maxed out at 140?
  16. Cowboy

    Boot issues caused by removing Linux

    Remember, the Surface operating system is installed on a GPT disk, so no MBR; well just a protective MBR. So you would have to boot the system into WinPE using a Windows 8 UEFI install image on a USB stick or just a vanilla UEFI WinPE image. Then run BCDEDIT and select the proper values for the...
  17. Cowboy

    Crazy Question: Can you Roll Back to Windows 7?

    Getting back to the original question, I believe it would probably work ok, but as someone pointed out, the drivers would be the critical issue. Turn off secure boot, install to the GPT disk using the UEFI install version of Windows 7 and that would be the easy part. Now once you finish the...
  18. Cowboy

    Best USB Ethernet Dongle For Surface Pro?

    I bought a BobjGear USB 3 to RJ45 SuperSpeed Gigabit Ethernet Adapter. It is a little pricey ($30) but it is built like a tank. The short cable is re-enforced at both ends and the plastic piece that holds the Ethernet jack is thick and well made. I have really had it with cheap USB devices that...
  19. Cowboy

    Recovery USB not working

    Is that something you created with Windows file recovery? I have heard that was broken and the fact that it is called Windows 7 File Recovery in control panel does not give me a warm feeling. Before you tried to boot from the USB stick did you turn off Secure Boot?
  20. Cowboy

    how to stop video error messages?

    Maybe this will help: Streaming media in Windows 8: what you need to know | News | TechRadar

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