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    External Monitor - Changing Size of All Items CONSTANTLY?

    I have a surface pro 3 and use it as my main system with an external monitor, problem is I have to "change the size of all items" under screen resolution settings "make text and other items larger or smaller" EVERY TIME i connect or disconnect from the monitor. The small setting is perfect for...
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    Resolution and text/window etc sizing when using surface display AND a monitor

    I have a surface pro 3 and I'm using it connected to an external display using BOTH displays. The external display is a 21:9 aspect ratio display, using as main display, then using the surface screen for messaging/phone and pandora, other misc smaller window items. I cannot for the life of...
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    Multiple displays, dp 1.2 monitors?

    I'm coming from a desktop setup with 3x24" monitors for business use, no graphics stuff or gaming. I'm having trouble finding the right screens to replace my current 3x24 setup to use with my surface pro 2. Mostly the problem is anywhere i look doesn't explicitly state "2 display ports one is...
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    Will SP2 fit in dock with the Capture for SP case on it?

    I have a need for work for both the dock (to use it as my primary PC as well) and the capture case (the one from I think incipio that also allows you to rotate the device) and wanted to know if anyone has this combination yet and if so, will the dock work without having to remove the case...

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