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    Anyone have a contact within the Surface team (need someone to authorize my replacement device)

    Basically, I can't get an advanced exchange because the Surface teams internal system can't process Swedish credit cards, at all, and they have no idea why. For this reason, I'd like to contact someone within the actual Surface team at Microsoft so that I can ask them to bypass this process...
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    My touchpad just got a lot better

    I read about the 'Sticky Keys' problem with the Touch Cover and used the instructions on this page solve it: The fix: Open device manager - either type "device manager" from the start menu or right click on the start button and choose it from there. When DM opens, expand the Human Interface...
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    Time to RMA SP2 due to the mSD-battery drain bug?

    So, the bug associated with micro SD cards still hasn't been fixed, so can't we just RMA the product and ask for money back or a trade for an SP3? At least in some countries in Europe, the manufacturer has 3 chances to fix a problem, otherwise have to refund the customer.
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    March update brings new WiFi driver

    So I just installed the March update and noticed that my Wifi driver now ends in .168 instead of .150 as previously. I've been having pretty shitty battery life, about 4-4,5 hrs (Surface Pro 2, yes) with bluetooth on and have been suspecting the WiFi adapter to be the culprit. It's been like I...
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    Great 10.1“ bluetooth keyboard

    Just wanted to give a heads up to those who are like me waiting for the release of the Power cover. I've been using an 8" keyboard that was small and awful until yesterday when I received this one. It's really proper and feels like it's been taken straight from a proper, albeit somewhat...
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    4-5 hours battery life...?

    Hey there, I recently returned a Surface Pro 1 and bought a Pro 2 instead. To my surprise, the SP2 has only marginally better battery life. I'm wondering if there's something wrong with my device as Anandtech has reported over 8 hours of battery life after the new firmware? Most of the time...

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