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    Multi-tasking is a bit slow

    Hi there. I was wondering on my surface 2 why there is a lag for program to load once you access them from the multi-task menu. I like to swip from left and have it show me the latest app I was using by at times there is a couple second load delay before you can do anything in the program. Is...
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    Why does it show 25GB total memory instead of 32GB?

    I was looking at my tablet today and saw that the total memory is 25Gb instead of 32GB. I know that about 5-7Gb is used for the operating system so is that why it doesn't show 32GB? Just wondering. I was just thinking maybe it was showing the full capacity of the HD at 25Gb which would mean it...
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    Cannot watch YouTube videos on explorer?

    About 3 days ago videos were playing just fine. I took a break from youtube and went on after 3 days (today) and realized that videos don't play. The video starts to load and then it goes to a page that says "This page cannot be open". I tried the IE on the mains apps screen and the one on the...

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