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    Surface Pro 2 - died

    Thank You cliffr39, I have tried both(((
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    Surface Pro 2 - died

    In the evening turned off, and in the morningit just will not turn on.This happened after installing the latest updates. :( There is no official support in Russia. The pain of my heart.
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    Advice for extra storage space for programs?

    I install the program on the MicroSD Card, even Microsoft Flight Simulator Steam Edition!
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    News Reader App

    I simply mark as Starred for read later. And I make share it with OneNote and Reading List
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    Mind Mapping App

    I'm using M8 - excellent!
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    News Reader App

    NextGen Reader must have!
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    Hello from Russia

    jnjroach Thank You GreyFox7 We are Russians so different )))
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    Hello from Russia

    I want to buy a white touch cover, butI do not know, gets dirty?
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    Post pictures of your surface Pro

    May be - this artistic effect? :)
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    SanDisk 128 GB Format for Speed?

    I'm format only NTFS
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    Flight Simulator X on Surface Pro

    Hi, has anyone tried the Flight Simulator X on the Surface Pro 2?

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