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    Thank you but I'm off to new and better

    Thanks for the information and help but due to the lack of help, support, or smallest concern from the giant microsoft I'm off to find a device that's better and the company actually wants to sell. So thanks again and I'm sure ill see you on another forum at some point in time! You all are...
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    Warranty and best buy

    How many have bought from best buy? Best buy said their warranty was better than MS warranty, opinions please. I'm asking for a friend as they know how I feel about best buy. Thanks for your help.
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    Bestbuy releasing new security app

    Was just at bestbuy and one of their reps told me they're releasing an app in the windows store for those who fear their devices may get stolen. Once you contact them the immediately lock your device and activate GPS/tracking it also takes a picture of whomever turns on the device with the front...
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    Haswell's here!

    It's here...
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    External optical drive?

    Any suggestions for a good external optical drive as I have programs I will need to load.
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    Price rumors anyone?

    Has anyone heard that the ms pro is going to drop prices in June when the new releases come out? I keep being told to wait better things are coming or the price will drop but those same people keep talking about how great the ms pro is and how they couldn't live without it...then again tell me...

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