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    Best and cheapest tablet using as second screen for SP4?

    Hi, I want a second portable screen for my SP4 and as the portable monitor market is pathetic at present day, iam thinking of getting a tablet for this purpose. Current portable monitors mostly dont have their own battery, got low resolutions and a very high price tag for the nothing you get...
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    SP4 wakes up for nothing and keep running

    Hi. Iam a dissatisfied customer who likes the specs of the SP 4 but cant stand the fact that it almost 50% of the times wakes up on its own without pressing, moveing or touching anything. After waking up it often keep looking for my face to log in also turns on its fan and just keep looking and...
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    White dot appeared on the screen

    Hi, Iam useing my SP4 since about last July and it was working mostly fine (bluetooth turns on too slowly with my mice), untily yesterday. A white dot appeared near the bottom right corner. Its not like others i saw in this forum or elsewhere. Its not visible at all on black, but instead on...
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    Surface as second screen not working

    Hi, Iam trying to connect my PC to my Surface to use the SP as an extended screen but the PC cant see it. They are both on the same network. The PC is wired and according to the DXDIAG file it does support miracast and it already worked with a smart TV (however the TV is also wired). All...
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    Bluetooth connects extremely slowly

    Hi, Ive bought a Logitech MX Master 2S bluetooth mice and ive got a problem when i want to use it with my SP4. The mice connects very slowly, from about 3 to 25 seconds, but the avg is 9 sec. This mice got a cool feature called Logitech Flow which let users use the mice with 1 to 3 computers...
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    Any way to KEEP the taskbar hidden?

    No, i don't want to hear the autohide option. That doesn't keep it hidden if i rest my palm on the device while writing/drawing. I would be okay with a workaround too, like if i put the taskbar to the top or to the left, but still it activates when i accidentally touch the bottom of the screen...

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