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  1. PotatoHole

    Which wireless mouse should I get?

    Good evening, I sometimes use my Surface Pro 4 in bed and have a few games that I play, the cover keyboard track pad thing is no good for gaming so I need a mouse. Should I get a bluetooth mouse and use the built in bluetooth on the Surface or does the pen already use that connection? Or...
  2. PotatoHole

    How do I make my Surface Pro 4 Wi-Fi invisible?

    Hi, I've switched my modem/router to not broadcast SSID, I can get my Surface to connect to it but it made me think that my Surface is probably broadcasting itself. For extra Security I want to make the Wi-Fi built into the Surface invisible if possible? Earlier I had someone else's phone...
  3. PotatoHole

    Unknown phone on my network?

    Hi, I'm using a Surface Pro 4 with all the latest updates. When I click on the File Explorer icon and then go to Network, I can see my home PC but also a phone which is not my phone. I connect to the internet via a wireless router/modem that my broadband provider gave me. Does it mean that the...
  4. PotatoHole

    How to control Desktop from Pro 4.

    I have a desktop running Windows 10, but the PC itself does not have wireless, it is plugged into a Virgin Router (Super Hub) though so I'm pretty sure I can just use that. What free software can I use or is there some paid software that is really good? Once it is connected, I will be watching...
  5. PotatoHole

    Viber app to tiny to use and can't make bigger.

    Hi, I added Viber (it's like Whatsapp, only better) to my Pro 4 a few days ago and it only ever loads in very small. The box is about one sixth the size of the screen and text is so small it's barely readable. I've looked at the options in the app but none of them mention changing font size or...
  6. PotatoHole

    Occasionally when charging, Pro 4 gets hot enough to activate fan.

    This has only happened 3 times in about 2 weeks. Most the time I'm at a table so end up having the charger plugged in as I'm using the Pro 4 and there are no issues. I've noticed if I use the tablet when not plugged in and the battery drops to around 20% and I then stop using it and just put it...
  7. PotatoHole

    How do i make steam games do this resolution?

    I've been testing running (streaming) games from my main PC using Steam to this Pro 4. It works fine but the resolution only goes up to my monitor res (1440p). When I go to video options in game there is no option higher than the PC monitor res. How do I get more options so I can get a match to...
  8. PotatoHole

    massive lag between keyboard typing and screen

    Ok, having a really annoying problem, I'm having to type this from Notepad and then copy and paste. This surface pro 4 and pro 4 Type Cover work fine for everything except this website?? I get about 3-4 word in and then get massive lag, like it takes 5 or 6 seconds for the word 'the' to appear...
  9. PotatoHole

    Edge browser causing battery drain due to shear volume of adverts

    Hi, I like the look, feel and speed of the Edge Browser, but unfortunately I get way to many adverts on pretty much every single page I visit. A large percentage of these are video style ads where a silent film clip is running in a window, the worst I experienced was almost half the viewable...

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