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    Three questions

    1. How do you remove birthdays from your calender app? I think they were added automaticaly from facebook and i would like to delete some of them.. 2. Is there any antivirus app that you use? I would really like to insatall one, you are never to safe. 3. How do i turn on battery empty...
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    Flash for watching series online

    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone knows how to enable flash player on sites that allow you to watch series online? I know how to add sites to the white list for flash player, but i don't know, which site to write there. For example, if i want to play series on this site Search for Streaming...
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    Microsoft surface in austria

    Hello, I'm wondering if you can order microsoft surface in germany microsoft store and it can be delivered in austria? And how long do you wait for delivery? Thanks, masak

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