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  1. Matt

    Are you excited to get a Surface Phone?

    only if it has an intel chip and full windows 10. Otherwise I'll stick to android. Almost jumped ship to a 950XL but the continuum feature looks good on the surface but dig a little deeper and doesn't actually deliver.... I don't expect to run desktop programs on the phone itself but if I hook...
  2. Matt

    Screen Resolution for Games

    I have been playing a few Blizzard Games on my SP4 (Diablo 3 and Star Craft 2 mainly). Just wondering if you guys had found a sweet spot for the resolution? 1440x900 seems pretty good for D3 with only minor black bars but I cant seem to find a resolution I am happy with for SC2. Maybe I am being...
  3. Matt

    Just bought my SP4! What are your favourite apps?

    The Plex app works pretty well. That and Spartan Assault are about all I have added over drawboard PDF (which is very cool!). I am not sure about the One Note 2016 vs MUI version. I think the current universal app is very good but I way prefer the desktop version. Also in the past I have had...
  4. Matt

    Back in Surface Land

    Back in Surface Land
  5. Matt

    HowTo Open Edge or Browser to a Fast, Quiet, Custom, Reliable Home Page of Your Own

    This is really cool! One quick question - is it possible to have the cursor automatically in the search box?
  6. Matt

    Linx Windows Tablet ? just curious!

    Whats the battery life like? I was toying with the idea of one but I heard the battery life was pretty poor (as in sub 4 hours). I have been keeping an eye on the HP stream 7 as the battery is supposed to be a lot better, but then you lose the micro HDMI out port. Still they look good for the...
  7. Matt

    Modern App Licensing

    The apps can be installed on 5 then on the 6th device you get prompted to buy it again. The school in question doesnt have an EA at the moment.
  8. Matt

    Modern App Licensing

    Hi Guys, Trying to find some official documentation and struggling! I know that a single Microsoft account can be registered on about 80 devices. I also seem to recall that you can install any paid app on upto 5 of those devices. I am trying to find guidance on the procedure to install a paid...
  9. Matt

    MDM for Surface RT/Surface 2 tablets

    MDMs with subscription just don't make sense for a primary school shared scenario. The devices won't leave site nor will there be a huge amount of app changes. A free one like Meraki would help but it's the initial configuration which is the major head ache. For the love of god Microsoft...
  10. Matt

    MDM for Surface RT/Surface 2 tablets

    Thanks for the info. I will have a read through. Managed to acquire the side load key via the schools vlsc. Although it's not easy to find and the implementation has to be per device and is a command line utility. At least once it was installed and activated the local group policy for the...
  11. Matt

    MDM for Surface RT/Surface 2 tablets

    At $51 a year per device (unless there is a far cheaper option) this is simply out of the question.
  12. Matt

    MDM for Surface RT/Surface 2 tablets

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I have run into a few speed bumps. One is that InTune, while great, seems to be hard to get educational pricing for. For example I am having to redo a surface RT configuration setup by someone else, they have 87 Surface RTs in a shared scenario. To use...
  13. Matt

    windows 10 first thoughts

    Hi guys I have downloaded and installed the tech preview in hyper v. So far the os is shaping up nicely. The start menu I really like. Although I strangely miss the charms. I have only had a very brief play and have yet to find the switch to tablet mode (although this may not be supported...
  14. Matt

    Games you recommend that uses Xbox Controller

    I've been playing batman arkham asylum with joypad and bioshock. Both run fine if you turn down the graphics options at 1080p. 720p will get the frame rate up and allow a few enhanced effects.
  15. Matt

    So so angry right now!

    Sounds like you 2 were really unlucky. That's a shame and I feel for you but it's not an indicator of a manufacturing fault. If 1 in 4 or even 1 in 10 cracked for no reason then maybe you'd have a case. As for I pads and iPhones these are often in cases. The surface touch cover isn't going to...
  16. Matt

    Outdated new user advice online

    Depending on your storage configuration yiu can free up more space by altering the page file and hibernation file sizes. I saved about 5 gb doing this. Also moving the recovery partition to a usb flash drive then removing he partition and extending the c: partition can give you another 7gb...
  17. Matt

    Surface 2 storage decreasing rapidly for no reason.!

    What size is your surface?
  18. Matt

    SP3 vs Macbook Air - which should I buy (debate/compare but dont fight)

    The mac book air is a nice little machine. At its time it was revolutionary. Now its just an over priced ultra book with a niche os. I have a mac book air 2013 13" jobbie for work. Needed apple configurator for iOS. Tried it as a daily driver but found it too limiting and he os to frustrating...
  19. Matt

    SP3 vs Macbook Air - which should I buy (debate/compare but dont fight)

    Pointless thread. If you prefer os x then get the mac. Simple. The OS is the most important factor. I don't see the benefit of os x as I find it limiting and hard ware support to be to basic. However if you need it for your usage then get it. If you change your mind you can always boot camp the...
  20. Matt

    128GB Surface Pro (1st Gen) Under £380! Spotted on UK hot deals. Ridiculous value

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