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  1. Matt

    Screen Resolution for Games

    I have been playing a few Blizzard Games on my SP4 (Diablo 3 and Star Craft 2 mainly). Just wondering if you guys had found a sweet spot for the resolution? 1440x900 seems pretty good for D3 with only minor black bars but I cant seem to find a resolution I am happy with for SC2. Maybe I am being...
  2. Matt

    Modern App Licensing

    Hi Guys, Trying to find some official documentation and struggling! I know that a single Microsoft account can be registered on about 80 devices. I also seem to recall that you can install any paid app on upto 5 of those devices. I am trying to find guidance on the procedure to install a paid...
  3. Matt

    windows 10 first thoughts

    Hi guys I have downloaded and installed the tech preview in hyper v. So far the os is shaping up nicely. The start menu I really like. Although I strangely miss the charms. I have only had a very brief play and have yet to find the switch to tablet mode (although this may not be supported...
  4. Matt

    128GB Surface Pro (1st Gen) Under £380! Spotted on UK hot deals. Ridiculous value
  5. Matt

    Recovery partition removed but left a small partition behind

    Hi Guys, I decided to move the recovery portion off my SP1 to free up some space. I followed the Microsoft guidelines and transferred it to a USB drive using the wizard. The wizard offered to remove the partition for me. This is fine except it has created a new F: partition that's 7GB in size...
  6. Matt

    MDM for Surface RT/Surface 2 tablets

    Hi guys, My company supplied IT equipment to schools. Recently we have been supplying tablets on demand and have experience with large scale android and iPad deployments. We also have a few customers with surfaces. We have just received an order for 60x Surface 2 tablets. These will be shared...
  7. Matt

    IE11 Now Showing Some Mobile Sites Instead of Full Sites

    Hi, Recently I have found a few websites to be auto redirecting my RT to mobile versions of the site. It doesn't matter if I use the desktop IE or the modern UI version. Any one else seen this? Not on many sites yet luckily. Sent from the app for Windows 8
  8. Matt

    Surface RT screen rotation issue

    Hi I'm not sure if there was an update that changed this but on my settings charm bar I no longer have a Screen icon, in its place I have a brightness option. This is fine but I have no way to lock or unlock screen rotation. Anyone else encountered this? I want to keep the device in landscape...

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