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  1. Enrico D.

    Surface Pro 3 256gb i5 or i7 + red kb + bluetooh & more

    I sell my wife, LIKE NEW, used just few days, than she opted for macbook pro, SURFACE PRO 3, i5 with 8gb ram and 256gb hard disk, with RED keyboard (rare to find) new never used, and I can add those optional for the BEST SET UP: 1. mouse logitech T630 usb/bluetooh 2. keyboard logitech k810...
  2. Enrico D.

    Solved Pin to taskbar IE 11 small issue

    I have some problem since few days in the PIN TO TASKBAR for IE as you can see I have IE as first icon after the startbutton, if I launch IE for example after I already opened many windows it loads the new tab in the same position where I click (number 1) and don't load it in the position...
  3. Enrico D.

    Solved IE 11 desktop don't change me anymore homepage

    Hello, since some week I have trouble to set the homepage to facebook for example, now is set to if I change it in internet options in IE 11 desptop of my sp3, it doesn't work. I read that something could be corrupted. I notice even some problem in IE sometime with some crash or...
  4. Enrico D.

    Docking Station Sp3 - some question again

    Hello I would like to know if there is some update about the Sp3 docking station. Many of us had problems about the mini display port that do not perform well as the one into the device, so it is an issue. 1. Do you think Microsoft is going to produce a new version with a better mini display...
  5. Enrico D.

    I need a UK/EU power cord spare part, where to find?

    I have this US version, but I live where we us UK or EU plug do you have links in ebay or amazon of original/genuine spare part of this power cord? is it possible to find or no chance for now? because Microsoft sell only the full set of power supply, but I just need that cord but uk/eu version!
  6. Enrico D.

    Surface Pro 3 competitors? list it!

    Hello, which are at the moment the competitors of Sp3, I mean so windows 8.1 tablets able to run/fully compatible with windows desktop software?
  7. Enrico D.

    virtual app / didlogic credential, what it is?

    do you have the same credential I see in your control panel? just wondering if it is ok or I should investigate, in Microsoft forums they says that could be something related to windows live or Microsoft softwares.
  8. Enrico D.

    office 365 and oneDrive, better deal for Surface pro owners?

    I remember that Surface Pro owners had some better deal about onedrive or maybe office 365 not sure, I remember like we could have however more GB of onedrive, but I see mine it's 18gb now, I think it increased of 10GB not sure. To you? However, I was planning to subscribe the Office 365 at...
  9. Enrico D.

    Surface Pro facebook group created!

    I created this facebook group who wants to join and/or in the future be admin and take care let me know I added as main forum for the web. Hope to have done glad thing to this site/forum/admin/moderators. I really...
  10. Enrico D.

    how to connect a DVI-D monitor - please clarify

    Hi, I connected successfully my 2560x1600 monitor that has only a DVI-D dual link port. I bought a adapert that is ACTIVE because I wanted to connect it to the docking, but the docking is problematic for some set up, so didn't worked was flickering. So I connected it to the Sp3...
  11. Enrico D.

    again "SYSTEM" process high cpu usage issue

    I have again the SYSTEM high cpu usage that comes each time the computer is idle for 2/3 minutes. As I can I will proceed with a reset of my sp3 i7..... but if possible let's find a solution, it's crazy. :( I use process explorer now I saw today first that a SRTASK.exe triggered the SYSTEM to...
  12. Enrico D.

    I can't hide anymore the keyboard icon

    I have the Sp3 device display off, and I use as main monitor an external display. Days ago I was able to turn off the keyboard icon you see, that I don't need because the monitor is not touch. If I do now, it disappear but at the next reboot it appear again. I'm sure that days ago before some...
  13. Enrico D.

    Is the USB port able to power a USB monitor?

    Hello, before to buy the Sp3 and Sp2, I already studied in internet the problem had people to connect a USB monitor like this one for example ASUS MB MB168B (15.6 inch full hd), it require around 5w power. The problem is that the Sp3 usb port and even Sp2, is not able to give the power needed...
  14. Enrico D.

    [PHOTO] album of your Surface Pro 3 desk set up

    Please post the photos of your set up... of your surface pro 3 and how you use it, I exepect to see it connect to multi display etc etc, please write also if you can of the models of devices you are using (Display, adaptors, cables, keyboars etc etc. I start as first!!! This is my photo and...
  15. Enrico D.

    Help to use the Office with Surface Pro 3

    I'm too happy of Sp3 and now I'm considering to buy and use the Office Home Plan, the one for 5 users in the family to use mainly Excel, Word, Powerpoint etc. I have some doubt, can you help me? 1. if I use excel (desktop), can I make back ups in automatic in this way: when I save on my...
  16. Enrico D.

    Sp3 - zero decibels fan rumor!!

    I'm just too happy of Sp3. After I fixed some windows 8.1 buy with some process like SYSTEM, system interrupts, etc etc after to have SOLD the docking station that as to all of us don't work properly with its displayport like the mdp on the device, I started to use 100% of my sp3 for work and...
  17. Enrico D.

    video specs of i3 vs i5 vs i7 - differences

    I would like to know if is true that the i3 version of Sp3 is not able to support via mini display port the 2560x1600 resolution and/or the 4k 3840x2160. Then I would like a confim that the i5 is able to support the same resolutions of i7 as above. Finally another technical help. I tested my...
  18. Enrico D.

    Turn off Sp3 screen when using external monitor as main

    Sorry for the question, but, how to turn off the screen of the Sp3 if I have as main monitor an external one attached via mdp of the device? thank you
  19. Enrico D.

    best browser for low cpu usage in Sp3

    Hello, trying to resolve some issue with my Sp3 I was testing today Firefox, IE and Chrome browsers and I checked the task manager doing the same things with both 3. Seem that IE consume less resources and CPU load is very low, 2nd position Chrome, worst is Firefox. Chrome is very near to...
  20. Enrico D.

    Windows Modules Installer worker - cpu load 35%

    I read in a past post about sp3 users that had CPU load and heating issue and that was better to disable the automatic updates of windows, so I did it too. This morning I left the pc alone for 15 minutes for a phone call.. and when back the cpu was at 35% and windows modules installer worker...

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