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    departing the surface world

    As much as I liked the idea of the surface, i'm returning it! I've exchanged twice and still giving me a hard time. I'll actually invest in a lenovo thinkpad...again.
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    occasional bt disconnections?

    Does anyone occasionally get their BT mouse disconnected and not respond? I tend to turn off windows bt. My internet speeds fluctuate like crazy, sometimes disconnects also. Is that a problem that will remain forever?
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    Has anyone played BF4 on the surface? What settings do you use to have the best possible performance? I have Video on low but still lags...
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    usb 3 hub?

    i'm looking for a usb 3 hub to go with my surface, and may be includes an ethernet port. any recommendations?
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    do you use your surface as main pc?

    Do you guys use your Surface Pro as your main pc? Are you comfortable with the small screen real estate? I tend to use it a lot but sometimes go back to my older laptop because it's 14" and a lot comfortable to work on. But sometimes I miss the "newer" hardware of the surface. Plus, using a...
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    resolution and external monitor

    I always have my surface on 150%, when attaching an external monitor it stays at 150% and looks really bad. Is there a way to make it stick to 100% on external monitor and back to 150% on surface?
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    wait for the power cover?

    I currently have the horrible touch cover. But sometimes use an external keyboard at home. Im highly inclined to buy the type cover 2 now, but the power cover is around the corner. SHould I wait for it??
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    ayone replace pro1 with pro 2?

    Did any one get a replacement of a pro 1 to a pro 2 due a hardware problem? :D
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    8.1 iso available?

    I'm googled and found instructions that are a bit complicated and not geared towards the surface. I was wondering if there's an 8.1 iso i could install over 8 that works on the surface without messing with license key?
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    anyone got the type cover2?

    I have the touch cover 1 and it very bad and frustrating to use, especially in grad school. Now I'm thinking of the type cover 2, anyone has personal experience with it? I know it's not worth that price, but... meh :/
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    bt mouse not connecting

    I have refreshed my pro and installed 8.1 via store. I'm trying to connect the sculpt comfort mouse but gives me error, tho it sees the mouse.
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    problem syncing surface with laptop

    I have win8.1 on both the pro and my laptop, but skydrive isn't syncing. Any tips?
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    case for the gym?

    any recommendations for a case to use the SP at the gym?
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    type cover confusion

    are there going to be two type covers, one on pre-order now and the other with built-in battery?
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    Bluetooth Mouse Recommendation?

    I'm thinking of getting a Bluetooth mouse to use with the pro. Do you guys recommend any?
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    pdf annotator?

    Which pdf annotator do you guys use/recommend, other than "PDF Annotator"?
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    buy the typecover?

    ive been holding off buying the typecover, but now since MS announced they won't have price cuts on it....should fork my money for it now?
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    how to monitor battery usage?

    Does anyone monitor their battery usage? I want to know how much I use on average?
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    imiprove battery and lower heat production?

    Do you think disabling services and any other tweaks could improve battery life?
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    touch went crazy after 8.1

    After 8.1 touch is not smooth on websites as they used to be on 8.0. I uses chrome and chrome canary and I have a hard time clicking on links and text boxes. I did touch calibration but seems it didn't make a difference.

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