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    Surface Pro X limited software functionality due to the cpu make it not worth the hype

    I wonder if the benefits of these Qualcomm processors are going to disappear. At the moment they have a clear adavantage of Intel in terms of efficiency & heat generation, instant-on etc. but I was reading that some of the overclocked 855+ devices need fan cooling. In an iteration or too, it...
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    Surface Pro 3 freezing

    That's interesting - every so often my Dell desktop has started doing that, since a recent update I think. It's very annoying. What apps are you running?
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    Mirroring from iPhone

    I think you can setup a local ad-hoc WiFi network and then use one of the AirPlay window server apps to do this - something like LonelyScreen. Can't say I've ever tried it and whether it will drop frames though. There is a program I used to use a lot called Duet Display that worked the other...
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    Surface pro 3 pen no connection

    @andy1494 Dumb question, but have you changed both batteries in the Surface pen? There's two lithium ones in the top of the pen that power the Bluetooth as well as the AAAA battery (at least on my version of the Pro 3 pen).
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    spro4 dead strip across screen

    Just to confirm I get a similar thing with my SPro 3 - there is a vertical strip, about a half and inch wide a few inches in from the left edge, that exhibits the exact same issues you seem to be having. But like you, it's not consistently broken. Cleaning the screen seems to help, but there...
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    Surface Pro (2013) vs Surface Pro 6

    I'm still on my SPro 3, despite some irritations & failing touchscreen and battery. The question about upgrading is always whether you open the machine, load up one or two programs and do all your work in them, or whether you need to switch between lots of applications doing different things...
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    Electricty "not clean" issue

    I had a problem like that in a hotel room in the Netherlands, both on battery and when plugged in, with my SPro 3. Turned out the problem was largely (though not 100%) related to the angle poise lamp on the desk. Turning that off improved things considerably (though it's still did the odd...
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    Thoughts after having Surface Book a few days.

    I left my Spro 3 pen at a client office, literally on the other side of the world (in New Zealand). Fortunately I realised I'd left it behind and was able to get a colleague to find it & bring it back. I'd be happier with a slightly bigger SPro if it had a slot you could store the pen in...
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    Is S6 worth upgrade

    Yes, if you're dependant on the battery that's the right choice. Did you go for the Alcantara keyboard? Most of the time I'm usually near a power outlet, and I'm luck enough to have an HP Spectre x360 to fall back on if I really need long battery life (though the Spro screen has the better...
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    Is S6 worth upgrade

    I've decided to hang until the next version. My SPro3 is getting decidedly cranky (odd battery cut-outs, the screen digitiser is failing in a vertical strip), but powered from the mains & using it with keyboard & mouse it is still fine. The thing that irks more than anything with the SPro6 is...
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    Touchscreen deadspot

    My SPro3 has developed a dead "strip" about 2 inches from the left hand of the display, half-an inch wide, from top to bottom. Very annoying as it means I can't login using the on-screen keyboard (unless I change my password to use only characters on the right hand side of the keyboard) ...
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    Christmas Wish

    I would wish to be as altruistic as you :)
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    Anyone still in love with their SP2?

    Still love my SPro2, and in some circumstances (like cattle-class plane seats) it's quite a bit more practical than my SPro 3. The power supply is also a lot more useful, being able to charge my phone and SPro2 at the same time, something my Spro3 supply can't do. Shame they changed the...
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    What's the best browser to use with Surface devices?

    I have printing problems with Edge, sometimes I just get a blank page or sometimes it's very badly formatted. I like Firefox, but the "Close" icon doesn't work on my SPro3, go figure. Currently using Opera which seems the fastest.
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    Surface on TV

    They also use Windows Lumia Phones on Hawaii 5-0. They give the impression that you can take a snapshot of a fingerprint from about 20 feet away with your Lumia & send it to the crime labs for fast ID. I like the comedy aspect of the show.
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    What's new/changed with Surface Pro 6?

    I've no idea what the business SKU costs here in the UK, nothing on the MS UK website either. Probably need a business account to access the pricing.
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    What's new/changed with Surface Pro 6?

    That figures for the USA, but in the UK the price has dropped £30 but the upgrade is £110, so we lose out about £80 (approx $105). Hrmmphh.
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    What's new/changed with Surface Pro 6?

    What! They put Win 10 Home on the Pro? Why's that?
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    Best and cheapest tablet using as second screen for SP4?

    If you've got an iPad knocking around, Duet Display lets you use the iPad as a second monitor via USB & the lightning cable. It does actually work okay, though you have to pay for the iPad app (I think it's about $20 now). I use my SPro3 with my 12.7" iPad Pro quite a lot.
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    ummm... oops I just bought one i5 Surface pro

    I'm not in any rush, other than the very good current discount, so I'll wait for the announcement in a few weeks. If Microsoft have removed the discount by then, that'll be their loss, as I won't upgrade.

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