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    Power cover bug

    Interesting. Both batteries show up for me and both charged to 100% so the SP correctly charged the 2nd battery, but when running off the batteries it drained the SP battery first (and then died). At this point I've given up on the battery cover since I don't care to spend any more time trying...
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    Power cover bug

    Installed latest firmware? Who knows... I have everything up to latest according to the system updates app. It's entirely possible that the firmware isn't up to latest for some reason, but this is the kind of junk that makes me hate the SP. It's not my job to debug everything. MS makes the...
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    Power cover bug

    Sorry... Both batteries show up as battery #1 and #2. I'm not sure which one is the power cover vs the internal, but when I unplugged the SP, one of the batteries drained to zero (I forget which one). At that point, the SP turned itself off. So, the SP drained the internal battery before...
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    Power cover bug

    Just got one to improve battery life, and it shows up in the battery icon, and charges to 100% but when I run off AC power, the main battery is consumed first and just dies after it goes to 0. I guess I can play the reset, update driver, etc.. game again but the number of bugs on SP is...
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    Surprisingly Bad Gaming Performance

    They probably had to compromise on the thermal envelope to fit the hardware into such a thin space (compared to SP2).
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    Three questions (Why did MS do these things?)

    You crayyyyzzyy GoodBytes, I don't know if ALL laptops sleep/awaken automatically when the lid is closed, but all the ones I've ever owned do (including macbooks). In windows there is a setting for controlling that though. I hate the number of bugs related to the cover and sleeping. It's so...
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    A Patch by any other name would revise no less

    I didn't say "sounds." I said the clicking sound of the virtual keyboard. The other sounds work fine.
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    A Patch by any other name would revise no less

    No I'm not joking!! The keyboard sounds used to change with the volume control and if you don't want them at all you can turn them off in settings or you can mute sounds temporarily in the charms bar. Now they are always nearly silent. MS is such a joke....a bad joke....
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    A Patch by any other name would revise no less

    Patch has killed the virtual keyboard sounds!! They are still there but very quiet and there is no way to change the volume. The volume control works fine but doesn't affect the keyboard sounds. MS is pure suckage....endless problems with SP.....
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    surface pro 64 for $287!

    I hear Apple if you want resale value. :) Seriously, I only bought the SP1/128 because it was $449 and I expect it to be worth 0 in a few years, but it will have been a nice tablet for all that time so there's that...
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    March update brings new WiFi driver

    Nobody would accept the level of SP bugginess in another product. If this were an apple product, people would be going nuts. If it were a car, it would be recalled. The people on this forum by definition are the nerds that like playing with buggy stuff. I was able to find workarounds for...
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    surface pro 64 for $287!

    On Microsoft store, student pricing. Surface Pro - Microsoft Store Canada Online Store
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    You've got the pOO000WWWEEEER - PowerCover for Surface Pro 1 and 2 coming Mach 19

    Because if what you have sucks, you should improve it before trying to sell it! (one person's opinion) Well, at least the SP only cost me $450 so using is exclusively as a tablet isn't a waste...
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    You've got the pOO000WWWEEEER - PowerCover for Surface Pro 1 and 2 coming Mach 19

    I don't notice much if any loss of battery life when using type cover with backlit keys on my SP1. The backlight LEDs must be drawing very little power so they would still draw a very small percentage of battery life from the power cover if they had them. In fact, if you don't like them you...
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    You've got the pOO000WWWEEEER - PowerCover for Surface Pro 1 and 2 coming Mach 19

    Yeah I was waiting for the power cover but it looks like it sucks.... no backlight?! And almost 10mm thick!! Still crappy touchpad texture... disappointed and not going to buy.
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    New Surface Pro Owner Experience So Far...

    Win8 still has "on battery" and "plugged in," but those are the two options within a power config versus having N power configs that each could be arbitrarily assigned to the "on battery" or "plugged in" states. It's bad design IMO, but understandable since it's a holdover design from the past...
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    Not had many problems with 'sleep' so far, however...

    Maybe this will help? I had the same problem. Not sure what triggers it though it seemed to be related to HOW I woke up the machine. If I used the type cover to wake it up it would do the stuff below. -- Machine sleeps after 2 minutes no matter what the sleep time is set to -- REPRO: Set...
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    Surface Pro HOT... During sleep and charging

    Yeah, because it's not sleeping...because SP sleep stuff is buggy as hell especially if you rely on auto-sleeping. IF you don't have a touch cover attached AND you push the power button to sleep, it sleeps reliably. But if you don't do those things, various programs can keep the machine...
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    Sleep issue - turned off instead of sleep

    I disabled hibernation because it crashed too often. The event viewer will have a kernel error message if it crashed. I haven't tried re-enabling hibernation since the recent firmware update.

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