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  1. Cambo

    Solved loving windows 10 but no more split screen??

    I am loving the new windows 10but i can't get the split screens to this feature gone in w10?
  2. Cambo

    Solved outlook calendar on windows phones changes day from surface calendar.

    Hi my mate has a surface and a Lumia 1020 when he adds appointments on the tablet, it changes the day on the outlook calendar on the phone. Eg when you put something in on wed on the tablet it comes up as Tuesday on the phone. I cant figure this out. Any ideas??
  3. Cambo

    outside of Usa

    Does anyone know if and when this will be available outside of the USA.
  4. Cambo

    metro browser not opening

    Hi guys I have just noticed that when I clickon the browser icon, the desktop opens instead.any ideas why this is happening?
  5. Cambo

    touch pad configurations

    Does anyone know how to configure or reconfigure the touch keyboard? I just bought a new one and the "@"button and another one don't work. They come up with different symbols.. any help most appreciated.
  6. Cambo

    cooling fan

    higuys. I hope this is not a dumb question. I just got my pro yesterday. I notice it gets pretty warm and I wanted to ask how you know if the fan is working or not.i cant really hear anything.. I set my power plan to active so I guess it should come on when it needs how do I know if its...

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