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    New firmware update 11 feb 2014 relased today

    Ok guys, I'm officially confused about all this firmware. Right now I received a new firmware update with the date 11 feb 2014. The version actually installed in my surface 2 pro is 2.04.0450 (that should be the March 2014 version). How can windows update ask to me to install an older...
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    Take notes on PDF

    Hello guys! I'm opening this 3d because I would like to know what is the best app to take notes on PDF. I don't care if is a desktop program or a metro app, it just have to provide fast and handy usability, some different colors and adjustable thickness. What software do you use? What do...
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    Camera resolution

    Hi guys! Someone know what is the back camera resolution? In OneNote the max resolution I can set is 0.9MP, but i remember that the max resolution is something like 3.5MP
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    Power adapter problem

    Hello everyone, I'm a new owner of a Surface Pro 2 128GB (it has arrived yesterday). I'll try to explain my problem/doubt about the connector of the power adapter: I noticed that one of the contacts (the second from the wire) is pulled into the connector and it seems to have some rubber...
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    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone, I'm an Italian student and I just bought a Surface 2 Pro 128GB. I hope t find some answers and advice in the forum. Max91

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