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  1. Big Kahuna

    Why do so many video sites not work?

    I know a lot of flash sites have to manually entered in the compatibility .cv file. But why will a lot of site's videos not run on my surface, yet they run perfectly on my wife's iPad? If that's true then they must not be flash driven. And if so, why? This is most frustrating and is a big...
  2. Big Kahuna

    shortcut to toggle high contrast?

    in the control panel, to toggle high contrast it's hold "left shift+alt+print screen". Since there's no print screen key on the touch pad, what's the alternative?
  3. Big Kahuna

    How to Get Full Version Office H&S

    Is the full version of Office H/S out yet? My surface has all the windows updates, it's been restarted and I still have the preview edition. The associate at the Microsoft kiosk told me it's already available and I should have it.
  4. Big Kahuna

    Is there a good alternative to Board Express?!

    This is a very frustrating app. Very hard to navigate, it won't save favorites, won't let you edit posts, often crashes. Can we please get Tapatalk in the store? Sent from my Windows 8 device using Board Express
  5. Big Kahuna

    How do I save all data to SD card?

    I have a new 64GB SD card installed in my brand new Surface. I understand I can not install apps on it but want to use for saving music, movies, pictures etc. Is there a global setting I can use to specify the save destination through RT or do I need to specify on each app individually...
  6. Big Kahuna

    Running RT apps on the Surface Pro?

    Since the Pro uses Windows 8, will we still be able to run RT apps on it?
  7. Big Kahuna

    Apps I would like to see on Surface RT

    Thought I'd start a thread on apps we'd like to see on RT. Here's a few that come to mind: Tapatalk Amazon mp3 Any Xfinity apps (TV, Player, etc) HBO Go MAXX on the Go
  8. Big Kahuna

    Surface Pro Doesn't Include Office?!

    I just stopped by the Microsoft kiosk in my local mall and got to talking with an associate. He told me the Pro will not come with MS Office installed. That didn't name sense. Especially at the premium price they're charging.
  9. Big Kahuna

    Hello from New England!

    Greetings from central MA! Let me preface by saying I've always been a huge PC and Android proponent. However, my kids, my wife and brothers are big Apple fans. We've always had this big Apple/PC rivalry/ "discussions" at family gatherings. I finally caved and decided to ask Santa for a...

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