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    Latest Firmware - Battery Weirdness!

    Hey Guys, So since the latest firmware update i have noticed that my Surface Pro 2 is acting a little erratically. The only power options i ever modified was that the lid-closing action is disabled and that it sleeps after 5 minutes (i move between meetings allot and want to retain lync...
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    Rear Protection - Writing on screen

    Hi All! :) So after a good few weeks with my surface now, i am getting to a point i would like to leverage one-note more for note taking. However laying my surface pro down on a table / desk just scares the hell out of me, all those scratches! Does anyone (preferably in the UK)...
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    Strange Window Lag Issue?

    Hey Everyone! So first of all I have been a long time apple user, and recently decided to give Microsofts attempt at an integrated product a shot... ...You know, i have to say, so far I am impressed and using it over my MacBook Pro and iPad almost daily! Which I am surprised at, I was not...

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