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    Surface 2 Batttery Life

    I've noticed that my battery life with my surface has not been what I expected. What I didn't know was whether it was based on my usage, or whether it was an issue with the battery life. I've gone ahead and run a battery report and it points to how my full charge capacity is greater than the...
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    Reverse Scrolling Can't be Turned on with Touch Cover in Windws 8.1

    So I bought a touch cover to go along with my type cover 2. By default, reverse scrolling is turned off. With type cover 2, I am able to go into settings "mouse and touchpad" and turn on reverse scrolling in the "touch pad" section. With the touch cover, the surface does not show the "touch pad"...
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    Type Cover 2 Trackpad Fading

    Does anyone else who has a type cover 2 have a track pad that is losing color? I bought the purple type cover 2 and the left side of the track pad is already fading (turning white). Would you call this a defect that would warrant an exchange, or should this be concerned normal? I've only...
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    What does your screen look like upon hitting power button...

    If you are on the metro tile screen and press the power button (top right corner), what happens to your screen in the split second that the Surface goes to sleep? In my case, the colors of all the metro tile icons very briefly change colors as the screen shuts off. Can you confirm that you...
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    Rotation not working at times?

    Anyone else experiencing times where rotation does not work on the Surface 2? This happens to me almost daily and requires a restart to enable again. Is it a software issue or a hardware issue? Thanks
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    Portrait mode is awesome with higher resolution screen

    I can't stop using my Surface in portrait mode when I want to run one app at a time, the higher resolution screen makes it so much enjoyable. It's especially cool when reading the NY times, twitter, this forum, etc. Anyone else seeing this trend especially those who heave a Surface 1 and...
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    Speakers make popping/ crackling sounds on top volume

    So I've joined the Surface 2 club and what a day it has been. I've gone through 5 Surfaces because of issues (loose volume rocker being the major culprit). The current one I have still has this issue, but I've decided I've got no choice here. The first Surface 2 I got this morning actually...
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    Mail App in 8.1 Almost Unusable for Original RT

    During 8.1 Preview, the fluidity and features of the mail app made it very enjoyable to use. On Day 1 of Surface ownership, the Mail app was horrible, and slowly through updates MS improved it. Well, with the full release of 8.1, the mail app is virtually unusable. Emails take forever to...
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    Both and not working properly in IE11 on my Surface RT

    On my Surface RT, I'm having major problems with two websites that I visit frequently. If you do a search on Google.Com, the results appear vertically and only fill up 1/10 of the screen. Did IE11 somehow mess up Google's website If you go to Yahoo.Com and begin to scroll through the...
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    True IE Splitscreen Mode using "tool box" app

    I've seen this app in the appstore and even mentioned here, but I never downloaded it until now. This may be the first app I have seen in the app store that truly takes advantage of the widescreen of the Surface. One example is to go into true splitscreen with 2 browser windows in the...
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    SD Recognition After Restart

    So I have my SD card in the Surface and go to restart the Surface. I noticed that when I restart my surface, the SD card no longer appears under "Computer". I have to take it out and put it back in and only then will the Surface see the SD card. Is this the same for you, or does your Surface...
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    Growing frustrations because daily websites that I visit don't work on Surface

    Today has been a bad day for me on the Surface. Three websites that I visit daily are not working as they normally should on the Surface because of a new Flash warning message: 1) videos will not play 2) the site won't even load because of flash 3) none...
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    Disk Cleanup Disapeared from Start Screen & Search

    As my thread title states, my disk cleanup has disappeared from my Live Tile Start Screen and also from the Search. If I search for Disk Cleanup nothing comes up. Anyway to get it back and pin it back to my start screen. Also, anyone know what may have caused this to happen? Thanks
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    Question about People App

    The Live Tile people app will show when someone has replied to a standing status that I commented on. Please keep in mind the original status was not mine, but I have since added a comment to it. When I click on the People App, I am not sure where I go to find that status, or the particular...
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    What Apps Do you Snap?

    I thought it would be interesting to hear what apps everyone is snapping? My favorite thus far has been the mail and music apps. I've also recently been snapping the CNN app in place so that I can be aware of the latest headlines. What apps are taking up 1/3 of your screen?
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    Websites that have a difficult time loading/working- Real Estate

    I have a friend who is looking to buy a home, and I have devoted some time to helping him look for homes on sites like: and For whatever reason, I am having an issue browsing both sites. If you type in an address, the website does not go past the 73% on...
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    Shape and Size of the Surface

    Is anyone else thinking that the Surface would be much more comfortable to hold in tablet form (without a keyboard) if it was the same size as the iPad. The 16:9 ratio and larger size just doesn't feel comfortable to hold even in landscape mode. Portrait mode is how I would prefer to read...
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    Turn On Brand New Surface, Have 16.9GB Available Space

    Installed mandatory updates and now have 13.8gb available. I have installed 0 apps myself... I understand that 32gb turns into 24.9gb with Windows and Office. But to go from 24.9gb to 16.9gb to 13.8gb after mandatory updates on desktop and metro makes me think that I will soon be below 10gb...
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    Loose volume rocker on surface

    I received my Surface two days ago and while using the device, I noticed that my volume rocker button has room to jiggle up and down. I have not had a chance to go back to the store and see if this is the case for all the surfaces or just something that I am observing. Can you please let me...

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