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  1. MickeyLittle

    Solved New Book 2 Owner - Which Windows 10 Version?

    I own a Surface Book 2 that I just picked up off of eBay and a SP 6 and can't figure out why the feature updates on the Surface Pro are showing Windows 10 version 1809 but on the Book 2 it's on 1803 and I did a bunch of downloads earlier this afternoon. Shouldn't my Book 2 also be on 1809?
  2. MickeyLittle

    Backup Only New and Changed Files

    Back in my DOS days I has a Batch file that I had written or probably received from someone that allowed me to copy backup all my documents from various folders from drive c: to various folders on drive a: But to same time it would only backup new files and files that had changed. We have a...
  3. MickeyLittle

    Brydge 12.3

    I picked up the Brydge 12.3 keyboard from Best Buy a few days ago and love it so far with my SP 6. I have owned 4 SP models in the past but never kept any of them for long due to the keyboards as I like to type in my lap or on the couch almost on a daily basis and never found a good way before...
  4. MickeyLittle

    Is Windows Defender Enough

    Mods Please Move if necessary. I have the SP 6 and Windows 10 and am just running Windows Defender 10. I know there are a lot of settings I can do router wise and on my Surface but I'm asking if Windows Defender is enough or do I need an add on like Malware Bytes or a different solution...
  5. MickeyLittle

    New SP 6 Owner Questions

    I broke down and punted my iPad Pro 12.9 3rd Gen due to a couple of issues on a recent business trip and bought a SP 6 from Best Buy. What are some tweaks I need to do to it out of the box? On previous SP models I had notes in One Note see below for tweaks but not sure these still apply?
  6. MickeyLittle

    External Monitor DPI Looks Great!

    Some guy was posting some stuff earlier today about software called Displayfusion and so I gave it a try since it comes with a free 30 day download and heck I didn't even have to enter my email address to download. It seems this software has been around for years. So far it is working great. My...
  7. MickeyLittle

    Sending Files from OneDrive

    OneDrive confuses the heck out of me. I guess I'm just old school and so when I see the Documents folder on drive C I expect my Word and Excel files to live there but they don't do they? Anyway I created a Word document and saved it. Then a little while later I tried to email it to someone but...
  8. MickeyLittle

    Creators Update Silence?

    I'm a little confused as to why I haven't see much, if any reviews here on the new Windows 10 update they started pushing out last week? I installed it the night before and noticed some lag along with loss of storage (my fault on the storage issue) so I rolled it back. Anyway I have been...
  9. MickeyLittle

    Movie Help

    I can't figure out how to save my place when watching a movie and not watching it till the end. Sometimes I'll start a movie and watch say 30-45 minutes and go to bed with the plan of watching the rest the next evening. However when I open the movie app and click on the movie it always starts...
  10. MickeyLittle

    Two Environments Possible?

    Probably not but here's what I'm after... I want to remote into work using my Surface Book and use my 2 external monitors, mouse and keyboard for that and be able to use my Surface Book's screen for my regular home environment.
  11. MickeyLittle

    New PC- 2 Hard Drives

    I purchased my wife a Windows 10 Pro Desktop with a 128SSD and a 2TB hard drive. I installed iTunes and its 650GB library on the hard drive. My question is should I install Microsoft Office and other programs on the SSD or on the hard drive? She has about 85GB free on the SSD but once I turn...
  12. MickeyLittle

    Case; Skin; or Bare

    Hey everyone, I have had my Surface Book in a case pretty much from day 1 and so this thread is about different choices and different results. I currently use an Icarer case because it is light weight, protects from scratches, and keeps my SB from sliding around on my desk at work. This case...
  13. MickeyLittle

    Solved Is this a Mistake?

    I am thinking about putting my Surface Book on eBay and purchasing this 2 in 1 NEW Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 2-in-1 Convertible 14" FHD Touchscreen Laptop, Intel Core i5-6200U, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce 940M, Backlit Keyboard, HDMI, Bluetooth, WiFi, Stylus Pen, Windows 10...
  14. MickeyLittle

    Solved Windows 7 Professional or Windows 8.1 Pro

    I need some help trying to decide which operating system will better serve my wife's needs. She works from home and will remote in to various networks some of which are not ready for Windows 10. I am looking to purchase her a desktop PC for her home base and am wondering which operating system...
  15. MickeyLittle

    Solved Lock Screen Images

    How do I use some of these fabulous lock screen images as my backgrounds? These are awesome looking on my Surface Book but I can't seem to locate them on my hard drive.
  16. MickeyLittle

    Not sure I have Performance Base?

    Hey guys I just got home from BB with my new Surface Book and they had the same deal that I see advertised on Amazon but I see the Amazon site calls it the updated model and now I really don't see that advertised from BB. I don't even want to open this box if it isn't the newer model so how can...
  17. MickeyLittle

    Updating to Windows 10 Error

    Out of room error I'm trying to go from 8.1 to Windows 10 and Drive C has 650 gigs free but Drive D, the restore Drive only have 2.3 gigs free. When I run the check it states enough storage and all the other tests pass so it starts the download process. About 30 minutes to an hour later it...
  18. MickeyLittle

    New SP3 Owner

    Hey Everyone. I have owned all 4 Surface Pro models at one point so I'm not new at this but I am unfortunately a tablet swapping fool! Right Lee!!! Anyway, I've been on the dark side with an iPad Pro 12.9 since November and just purchased a SP3 Pro 256 with 8gig RAM off eBay last night and am...
  19. MickeyLittle

    DVD Converter

    I'm not sure what forum this belongs in so feel free to move it if necessary but here is my question: I'm looking for a decent DVD Converter so that I can convert our purchased DVD into a watchable format for my Surface Pro as well as for my wife's iPad Air. I used to use DVD Catalyst but it...
  20. MickeyLittle

    Speak to Type

    This may not be possible for what I want to do but I'd like to be able to say a thought or idea while driving and have my tablet type it so that when I get to my destination I would have printed test of all the ideas that I had on my ride. I know I can record my voice but that is not how I want...

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