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  1. rabilancia

    Office365 Personal: how to best enable a 2nd free subscription?

    I have been a happy Office 365 Personal user for nearly 6 months when I got a 12 month subscription included with the PC that I then purchased. I have since purchased a Surface 3 tablet that also came with a separate 12 month subscription. I'd like to activate the second subscription (with...
  2. rabilancia

    Stylus magnetically attaches to right side!

    I accidentally just stumbled upon this. I had no idea! My apologies in advance if any of you already knew this.
  3. rabilancia

    Need an MPEG 2 streaming solution for Windows Surface RT

    I own and regularly use a SiliconDust HD HomeRun Prime network tuner on my home network. Since the device is DLNA certified, all I need to do to watch TV on my Windows 8.1 Pro PC is to click on a link for the channel stream (MPEG 2) that I want watch. This works flawlessly on my 64 bit...
  4. rabilancia

    External Rechargeable Battery for Surface RT?

    I travel extensively and am frequently away from power sources. Accordingly, I'm looking for a rechargeable external battery to recharge my Surface RT when necessary. This morning, I came across this item: Digipower Rechargeable Battery for Laptops & Mobile Devices and it got me thinking...
  5. rabilancia

    XPS 10 with Windows RT 8.1 Preview

    Downloaded the RT 8.1 Preview a couple of hours ago after getting an e-mail with a link from Microsoft. The link installed something and requested a reboot. I was then presented with the option to install the 8.1 preview. After a 2GB+ download, I again was prompted to reboot which I did...

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