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    Surface laptop 3 32GB RAM which CPU and availability?

    Hi I'm not sure if others have seen this, but it seems that the 32GB Ram version isn't available here in the EU from the Microsoft Store. I spoke with Microsoft support and they said the 32GB version doesn't come with AMD ryzen 7, but with i7. Then I was totally confused. The only pre-order I...
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    USB Car Charger?

    I've found an old thread but wasn't really what I'm looking for. I've found a nice 2 amp 12v Car Charger which has 2 USB outputs to charge almost every tablet & phone around here. I'll be probably a lot...
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    Dell Venue Pro 11 serious competitor of Surface Pro 2, what do you think?

    I've as most of you put up a Pre-Order for the MS Surface Pro 2 and now since a few days Dell comes in to the competition. Some articles like: Dell Venue 11 Pro Hands-on: Who Needs a Surface 2? And Dell Venue 11 Pro hands-on review: A Surface Pro 2 rival - PC Advisor sees the Dell Venue 11...
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    Office dileverd or discount with the Surface Pro 2?

    Does any one know if MS Office is delivered with the new Surface Pro 2? Or by any change one gets a discount on buying it?

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