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  1. sharpuser

    My initial review of Surface Pro X that I got today

    Hi, @Ramirez Cool review. Makes me want to get a Surface Pro X. Welcome to the Surface Forums
  2. sharpuser

    MHL adapter

    So you want to use your S10e as a monitor?
  3. sharpuser

    Spro 3 will not turn on charging light blinks after pressing on

    Try this. Hold Power for a full 30 seconds. Then release and wait 10 seconds. Then press and release Power one time.
  4. sharpuser

    Art App Question

    I think PowerPoint is what you need, then.
  5. sharpuser

    Art App Question

    I have used EMBIRD (I believe it is free) to convert an art design to something an embroidery shop can use for their manufacturing.
  6. sharpuser

    Surface Pro 6 Newbie

    Welcome, Mark. Congrats on your Surface Pro 6. This community is ready to help you get the most out of your work computer.
  7. sharpuser

    using VPN

    Check your IP address settings (Network & Internet, Change Adapter Options, Properties, Internet Protocol Version 4, Properties) Sometimes, your IP address is adjusted by a VPN connection, then not properly released to "Obtain an IP address automatically" after terminating the connection or...
  8. sharpuser

    A Stand That Supports BOTH Keyboard and Tablet (laptop mode)

    @paularmstrong4 , Not exactly what you are asking, but I really like my bamboo stand. I have a couple of Surface Book 2 units, which support the screen nicely, as long as the keyboard is attached, front ways or backwards. Certainly is inexpensive, at only about US$13. The bamboo, of course...
  9. sharpuser

    MS Surface 6 not even screen

    While trying to power on, can you get any keyboard indications of power, like the CAPS LOCK light or other indicator? - Try holding the POWER for a full 25 seconds then releasing and pressing again with an immediate release? Try holding the POWER and VOLUME UP together for an extended period...
  10. sharpuser

    Surface Dial added App tool missing

    Nothing to add, except I saw this post a few days ago. I use the Dial a couple of times a week with no troubles - maybe because I don't browse with Chrome.
  11. sharpuser

    Dropped SP2 and now it won't turn on

    Find the corner or side which took the hit first. Then choose the corner or side which is at a right angle to the side that got hit. Not the corner or side opposite, but adjacent. If the hit is the 12 o’clock position, try squeezing the 3 And 9 o’clock position. Squeeze or compress your SP2...
  12. sharpuser

    Dropped SP2 and now it won't turn on

    Hi, @JoelH . So sorry to hear about dropping your SB2. What may have happened is your Surface Pro 2 may have been distorted due to the fall, just enough to break some connection somewhere. You may be able to compress and wiggle your SP2 to repair that. It is worth a try.
  13. sharpuser

    Mouse is jumping and jerky if charger is plugged in also noises if I move the mouse

    Hello, @Soner A very unusual problem. It could be that you have some electrical interference or electrical ground problem coming from your charger or desk or mains power. Are you using the OEM charger? Try taking the SB2 and your charger to a different venue to see if it happens there, too...
  14. sharpuser

    SF3 Charging from 24v DC

    A bit dangerous. You may be taking some of the regulation safeguards away by doing that. For my boat (Westsail 32) I use a 12v source using this step down converter, this socket, and this cable at the parlor table.
  15. sharpuser

    Get into my Surface RT since I forgot my password

    Hi, Jonathan If you’ve forgotten your Surface password, you can go to Microsoft’s to reset it. More help here:
  16. sharpuser

    How to cool a closed Surface Boook 2?

    Here is what I do with both of my Surface Book 2 15” units: I place my closed and charging SB2 on very small felt furniture protectors placed (but not adhered) to the desktop. Rubber spacers would work, too. This leaves an air gap for circulation.
  17. sharpuser

    Facebook App no longer available. Edge Chromium and Facebook Beta website replacing the app?

    Edge Browser 64 bit Version 80.0.361.66 keeps surprising me with speed. This is the browser I hoped Edge would be. Favorites, shortcuts, printing optimization, download management, ad blocking, extensions, and apparently relatively low power draw for all this might.
  18. sharpuser

    Official I received my Surface Book

    Every day I feel like “I just received my Surface Book”. My two 15 inch 1TB SB2 computers are still crunching numbers, playing media, traveling with me, and managing my business for years now. Brilliant.
  19. sharpuser

    Paint Tool SAI 2 suddenly not working on Surface Pro 4!

    Sorry about this problem, @pearlslug . Are you running Windows 10 1909 (Settings, System, About ...)? If you have the latest Build and Version of Windows 10, then you should try a Reset, with the "Keep My Files" option. You won't lose data which are stored outside of desktop programs, such as...
  20. sharpuser

    Surface Pro 3 Touchscreen / Cracked corner

    Sorry to hear about your father. I’m sure he is greatly missed. Seems he was tech savvy, too. Screen replacement is indeed possible. It will involve letting the battery drain out, and a heat gun. Many firms do this after you send the SP3 to them. If you live in a bigger city, it is likely you...