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  1. jnjroach

    Anyone tried 3 external monitor set up with Surface Book 2?

    From a bandwidth perspective to drive 3 monitors the SB2 would need Thunderbolt 3 through the USB C port. Using the Surface Dock you could do this...two off of the mini-DP and one driven off the USB-C, or you could attempt to do a DisplayPort Daisey-Chain assuming the monitors you're using...
  2. jnjroach

    MHL adapter

    Use the Samsung DeX Application on your Surface Book 2 uses a USB cable...
  3. jnjroach

    microsoft surface laptop 3 (how to detach the keyboard)

    Let us reiterate this...the Surface Laptop does not have a detachable screen, it is a laptop not a 2 and 1.
  4. jnjroach

    microsoft surface laptop 3 (how to detach the keyboard)

    Surface Laptop is a traditional clamshell, the Surface Book has a detachable screen, currently in market is the Surface Book 2. Please confirm which device you own.
  5. jnjroach

    Surface Pro 6+ in the enterprise

    We have over 150 Surface devices deployed, Pro 4 and up and Surface Laptop and up, Surface Book and Surface Book 2 and a couple of Surface Studios and a Surface Hub. All deployed in a Hybrid Azure AD configuration with a plan to go Cloud Native in the next couple of months. Microsoft has a...
  6. jnjroach

    Your Phone App unable to make calls

    That hasn't been enabled on the ARM64 version yet.
  7. jnjroach

    In search of a Wireless Keyboard Adapter for my SP7 Type Cover + Compatibility with SP7?

    I owned this it never worked after the Gen 2 devices, you could pair it but it wouldn't allowing for the type cover to function.
  8. jnjroach

    End of life and end of Support for Surface Pro 3

    At one point, Microsoft said that CPUs and/or SOCs may not be supported any longer on Windows 10, but at this point we haven't seen anything like that. The only scenario I could see is if there is finally a viable Hardware/Firmware and Software solution to mitigate Side-channel attacks (aka -...
  9. jnjroach

    LifeCycle for Surface GO

    Not currently, They announced EOS for Surface Pro (1st Gen) running Windows 8.1 and the Surface RT/2 running Windows RT. Outside of that, all other devices have been receiving updates.
  10. jnjroach

    End of life and end of Support for Surface Pro 3

  11. jnjroach

    LifeCycle for Surface GO

    As long as it supports the currently supported OS, Microsoft typically will keep it updated. I would assume 3-5 years.
  12. jnjroach

    LifeCycle for Surface GO

    What specifically? Support Lifecycle? Deployment Lifecycle?
  13. jnjroach

    my base died on my surface book 2 15inch. is there a way to manually detach?

    Sorry I missed this, there is a manual release discussed here
  14. jnjroach

    surface book w/ windows 10 and JBL Flip 5 speaker

    Where did you look? I found it listed under Bluetooth and other Devices in the Settings menu
  15. jnjroach

    surface book w/ windows 10 and JBL Flip 5 speaker

    Look to see if it added the device as a Hands-free Phone as well, if so disable it and that has worked previously on Windows devices that acted that way.
  16. jnjroach

    Surface Pro X vs 7 as daily driver

    My work is similar but add OneNote to the mix, I went with the Pro X specifically to have all day battery life and a LTE connection. As long as I stay away from x86 applications (especially Chrome) I get 10-14 hours of battery. My Intel based Surfaces always seemed to get 6-7 hours of real work...
  17. jnjroach

    Tablet Holder

    So you are looking for a Case for your SP6? Ruggidized or soft? There are many on Amazon, or if you don't want to add bulk you can get a skin from dBrand, Decal-boy or Sticker-girl as well as Amazon.
  18. jnjroach

    Tablet Holder

    Can you be more specific what you're looking for? A handle-case? A Tablet Stand for Portrait mode?
  19. jnjroach

    Mobile Data on Windows 10

    It can if your company is using an MDM/MAM (InTune, Airwatch, MaaS360, etc.) solution that pushed out a policy regarding Mobile Data.
  20. jnjroach

    Surface Pro X vs Galaxy Tab S6 vs iPad Pro as daily driver

    I personally will not use Apple devices or software...I run my practice on Microsoft.